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4 Worthy Tips To Becoming Wealthy The Right Way

It would be nice if money grew on trees, but since it doesn’t many people dream of becoming wealthier. Some of them try to do so in risky ways or methods that don’t have a good return on investment, such as gambling or playing the lottery.

Fortunately though, there are some much more realistic ways to increase the amount of cash in your bank account so you can hopefully look forward to an early retirement, or at least a life that’s mostly free of financial worries.

1. Have Discussions With Someone You Trust

If you’re currently living beyond your means and have no idea how to climb out of that hole of debt, it’s especially important to talk to someone you trust about coming up with an action plan to change your path. Many people were raised to have the belief that it’s not polite to talk about money, but often, discussing it is the first proactive step you can take towards building the brighter, wealthier future you want. In some cases, the person you talk to might be a close friend who’s an accountant, but you also may not want to discuss your financial situation with someone you know on a personal level. In that case, making an appointment with a financial adviser is a good option. He or she can assess the situation and give you practical tips on what to do from here.

2. Forgive Yourself For Past Financial-Related Mistakes

It can be hard to feel very hopeful about a wealthier future if you’re constantly beating yourself up about financial mistakes you’ve already made. Decide you’ll start with a clean slate, and realize that means forgiving yourself for past spending habits that perhaps weren’t very responsible. Keep in mind, too, that some people get into financial debt because of things that are largely outside of their control, such as medical emergencies. Whatever the case is for you, almost nothing good can come from dwelling on things that have already happened. Now is the time to get informed, surround yourself with people who can help you make better financial choices and stay motivated about what’s ahead.

3. Make Investments Regularly

Some people think investing solely means buying stocks and hoping for the best. However, investing can also be as simple as deciding you’ll put a portion of every paycheck into a separate savings account. If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to not spend cash once you see an amount added to your account balance, ask your human resources manager or payroll clerk if a designated amount from each check can be deposited in a separate account automatically, and the rest can go into an account you regularly use.Pin It

4. Shop Smarter

The next time you prepare to go to the grocery store, make a list of seemingly “must have” items, then look at it more closely to see if there are ways you can spend less. For example, do you really need to buy a case of individually bottled iced coffees? Check to see if there are cheaper options, like mixes you add to water, that might taste just as good. Also, be sure to look for areas of the grocery store that might contain items that are just about to go past their sell-by dates. Some of those things may be highly perishable, meaning you have to eat them almost immediately, but others may be suitable for freezing, so you can enjoy them days or weeks later, despite what the date label says. Also, don’t overlook using coupons. There are many apps you can use that allow you to show a coupon on your smartphone to get it validated, which eliminates having to clip them out from a newspaper or sales flyer. These things seem small, but they are meaningful ways you can be more mindful of what you’re spending your dollars on, and make worthwhile adjustments.

As you can see, the path to wealth isn’t always a short or straightforward one, but you can look forward to having more cash in the bank by taking some of the tips you’ve just read to heart.

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By Janice Morgan
Talking about money doesn’t have to be boring, and this is something that Janice firmly believes. A Certified Financial Planner and public speaker, Janice brings with her years of experience in sharing financial advice, and helping her clients to make sensible financial choices. She speaks frequently at corporate events, universities and conferences.

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