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4 Simple Ways To Create Powerful Life-Altering Changes In Your Life

Almost everyone has declared any number of times that such and such “changed my life,” yes?
I’ve heard that applied to everything from books to seminars – and even to baby strollers…

Some “life changes,” though, really only do ‘change your life’ for a short period, until it either doesn’t matter anymore, or something else comes along that blows your mind.

Sometimes those “changes” stick, sometimes they wane.

Change can sometimes be fluid, other times sudden. Two steps forward, one step back. Or you can leap miles ahead and never look behind.

Change does not have to be as dramatic as picking up and moving to another city, or as theatrical as deciding that you no longer want to be a middle manager in order to be an actor; although if that’s what’s calling and it is indeed true for you, then go for it!

But what if there were some small, simple things you could do that really could change your life, not just right now, but moving forward. Are there little tweaks that can make a big impact on your mental and emotional well-being, your relationships, your career, your finances, your life?

Consider these minor but potentially life-altering changes to common habits:

1. Time-Outs For Grown-Ups

Being able to break self-destructive habits or patterns is key. Think about how many times we haven’t taken that break before in the heat of a disagreement, and then said things, did things, or continued to engage in a destructive path we later regretted. In the heat of a moment, sometimes it’s a good idea to just respectfully step away and acknowledge a desire for resolution once you’ve given yourself a time-out.

2. Don’t Ever Play The Victim

When we wallow in victimhood, blaming everything and everyone else for our predicament, we are literally creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. By allowing yourself to be considered a “victim” of something, you give power to whatever it is you think is harming you, even if that other person or situation isn’t interested in your power. The ability to get yourself out of this tailspin can start to create dramatically different results in your life, but more importantly, a genuine happiness and fulfillment daily.

4 Simple Ways To Create Powerful Life-Altering Changes In Your Life3. Maintain Your Compelling Vision

Lay out your vision where you can see it daily, whether it’s a literal “vision board” or just items written out and taped to a mirror. This creates a magnetic pull to the things you really want in your life. When doing this, your brain starts to program your super-conscious mind to work on the things you really desire. You don’t need to know right now how you’re going to go about making it happen, but you at least have to imagine that it can.

4. Changing Now Changes Later

Tiny adjustments lay the groundwork for immense transformations. You don’t have to wait for big things to happen in order to lay the foundation for the changes that you want in life. We need to pay more attention to how we nurture those seeds in each and every moment.

What kinds of small but powerful changes have you made in your life that had a profound impact? What were the results that you noticed?

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