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4 Reasons Why You Can Successfully Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

Running a business, no matter how small, used to mean oodles of paperwork, countless spreadsheets, a big desktop computer and expensive accountancy software. Not any more.

The power of the smartphone means most of us have computing devices in our pockets that are capable of running businesses. And, with a record number of startups now emerging, tech’s miniaturization is wonderful news for anyone looking to take the plunge and start their own business.

You may now be looking at your phone, scratching your head. Run an entire business from that little device? On that screen? Well, I’m going to set you a challenge. No matter the industry within which you wish to operate, I bet that by the end of this post you’ll realise you can indeed use your smartphone as your primary computer.

Without further ado, let’s look at 4 reasons you can run your business from your smartphone:

1. Software Developers Take Them Seriously

You can install the entire Microsoft Office suite on your smartphone. All of it – Word, Excel, Outlook – you name the application and you’ll find it on the app store. What’s more, Microsoft’s 365 product suite includes powerful automation options that are lifesavers for small businesses. Microsoft’s engineers have proved that, no matter the size of the screen, clever software design enables people to be ultra productive on the smallest of devices. Reviewing documents, creating spreadsheets and dealing with the daily deluge of email can absolutely be done from a smartphone.

2. They’re Powerful

The smartphone sitting in your bag or pocket is estimated to be millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing power in 1969. Imagine that – computers that put people on the moon would wilt when put up against your mobile telephone. No matter which platform you choose, whether it be Android, iOS or Windows, you’re now guaranteed hardware that is super-fast and capable of dealing with everything from general documentation work to heavy-lifting graphics and video editing.

3. They’ve Driven Down The Cost Of Software

Business class software used to be a significant investment for businesses. Expensive software licences and annual support costs meant that tooling up a new business with the apps required to hit the ground running was one of the largest expenses. Not any more. Smartphones’ app stores have driven down the cost of software to the point where you can get hold of awesome work tools for free or, in Microsoft’s case, just a few pounds per month. Run your business from your smartphone and you’ll never have to worry about the cost of software again.

4. They’re Always Connected

Pin ItWe’re not that far away from super-fast mobile broadband becoming ubiquitous, and practically every smartphone is now capable of connecting to networks that rival our home Internet speeds. Coffee shops, lay-bys and parks can therefore become your office, whenever you need them. No cables and no WiFi access passwords – just instant access to the web whenever you need it.


I hope the 4 tips above have got you thinking about that little device you currently use for Facebook and texting your mates. It is so much more than that. Just imagine what it could do for your business – your smartphone could help make your big idea a reality far quicker than you thought possible.

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By Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis is a writer and owner of a copywriting service for businesses of a small and large scale. His considerable experience at director level and passion for personal and business success means that Mark is ready to comment and advise on anything from workplace dynamics to personal improvement. When Mark is not busy working, he has a love for music, dogs and football.

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