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4 Fun Ways To Attract Abundance In 2018

It’s the kick off of another year and if you’re into personal growth, you’ve likely got some goals you want to make happen. In this post, I want to address the financial goals we set for ourselves.

Truth: I have financial goals set for 7 years from now, and every year leading up to that, and then every month for the next year.

People tend to get awkward when it comes to money, or actually setting an income goal that they want to achieve. I see this in the women I coach and it all boils down to the relationship they have with their earning potential.

Many of us have complicated relationships with money. Myself included… I’ll be totally honest about that!

But the truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more money. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Having money isn’t going to turn you into a greedy monster.

Wanting certain things in your life, that having more money will help you acquire, doesn’t make you selfish or a show-off.

I could do an entire video series on money mindset, but for today I’d like to share four simple ways that you can attract more abundance into your life for 2018.

Tip #1

Think about what you want your income to be one year from now.

What do you want to be bringing in by December 31, 2018?

Get very clear on the exact amount and then reverse engineer how much you’ll make leading up to next December, based on where you are now.

Details are important! So if you’re making $10,000 per month right now…and by this time next year you want to be making $20,000 per month… Then you know that in 6 months, by June, you should be around the halfway mark and bringing in about $15,000.

Then fill in the remaining months, increasing by increments that make sense, so you have a financial goal set for each month of 2018.

Tip #2

Always keep change or small bills in your wallet and start giving it out to people who you see need it.

I know this one is hard for many people, but I tell you this practice has changed my life! Now that I live in New York City, I see people everywhere on the streets and on the subway who are asking for change. Give it! As long as you feel safe of course.

What you will give out, I guarantee you will receive back 10x, 100x, even 1000x. If you want to receive you need to give – it’s Universal Law and it also does a few different things. It reminds us that there are those who are much less fortunate.

It makes us feel good about ourselves, and it sends a message to the Universe that you are tuned into the energy of abundant flow.

Tip #3

I learned this from one of my business partners, and then just the other day I heard someone I know in a Mastermind group mention this as well.

It’s something I started doing a while ago, but this person in my Mastermind took it one step further.

So the tip is to make your passwords something that incorporates the financial goal you’re aiming towards or include the word Abundant, or money magnet, or millionaire, or whatever words and numbers get you excited and make you feel good.

Do this for your Facebook account, online banking, your PayPal account, and any other account you like. It’s so hard to keep track of everything we have passwords for right?

The extra step is to always log-out of the accounts that you usually stay logged into, so you have to always re-enter that special password that reinforces your goals or your desire to stay open to abundant energy.

It sounds so simple, but every time you enter that password you’ll be saying to yourself, “Yep that’s right, I’m a million dollar boss babe”.

Tip #4

I could talk about gratitude here, which is hugely important when dealing with abundant energy.

I could go into how loving yourself is a really powerful tool when it comes to reaching your financial goals. I could talk about the giving away money, or gifts, or donating something every day for 30 days… That’s a really good one!

But I think I’ll leave you with another life-changing tip that completely shifted my relationship with money.

Every time you receive money CELEBRATE! Say Yes! Thank you, Universe. Play some music, dance around your kitchen or your office. Write in your journal how awesome that extra $25 dollars you weren’t expecting is. Whether it’s 5 dollars or $5,000, celebrate it in some way.

Money isn’t evil. Having money doesn’t make you a bad person. Women, especially, have to create healthy relationships around money because we tend to live longer, and more and more women are the breadwinners these days.

It is our responsibility to have a positive money mindset.

I’m super passionate about this topic and would love to hear from you… In the comments, tell me some of your tricks that allow the energy of abundance to flow into your life. Let’s make this a productive and profitable 2018!

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By Kelsey Matheson
Kelsey Matheson is an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the co-founder and owner of a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica, and the co-founder and owner of a backpack and outdoor gear company that helps provide children around the world with an education. Kelsey also is the creator of an online course for women focusing on the most misunderstood areas of women's health.

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