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4 Fool-Proof Ways To Become More Self-Aware

There’s great validity to the expression, “Knowledge is power.” One of the most beneficial areas to learn more and operate from a place of strength simply is self-awareness.

Here’s Why:

In the famous words of popular self-help expert and author, Dr. Phil: “You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge first.” Self- awareness enables us to identify our needed areas of improvement to take the required actions to become better, while optimizing our efforts.

Self-awareness can help us to make more informed decisions regarding our health, careers, finances and relationships. For example, some time ago I noticed that when I consumed milk in the morning with breakfast, it caused me to have a headache and an upset stomach. After monitoring this reaction over a period of time, (and a little reading), I recognized, that though I love milk, I had become Lactose Intolerant. I modified my diet accordingly.

Self-awareness helps us to avoid destructive, repeated patterns of behavior (e.g. choosing mates that are emotionally unavailable, or excessive eating when we’re worried about a problem).

Accordingly, here are some timely tips to become more self savvy and improve your quality of life.

1.Keep A Journal

Journals are great for capturing everything from our inner-most feelings, to weekly spending habits, to stress factors. They are also a great way for us to be reminded of happy and fun times that we have shared with others. Write. Reflect. Assess. Act.

2.Factor In The Common Denominator

Though this may sound like a math application, don‘t worry; this is not a test. Consider this. When you analyze a series of troubling problems, bad breaks, work woes, or painful events, what’s common to those situations? Is it you? A friend? A place? A mindset? A defeating belief? Remember, the more you know, the more you grow. This isn’t a chance to blame yourself or others, but simply to find out where the issue may be.

3.Look Outside Yourself

Sometimes, when we’re too close to a situation it’s hard to maintain objectivity. Relationships with others then, can become a mirror to who we are and how we relate with the outside world. Ask a trusted friend or relative to provide needed input from their perspective. It’s good to know their thoughts.


Be forewarned: Books should never be used to remedy or diagnose severe medical, emotional, or financial issues. Still, there is a wealth of information within them for those seeking to live better, love smarter, and take greater control of the future. Particularly with titles that are authored by industry experts.
Here are a few that I recommend from my personal library:

Pin It“Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”—Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“ The Purpose Driven Life“ —Rick Warren

“In the Meantime”—Iyanla Vanzant

“Relationship Rescue”—Dr. Phil McGraw

Self-awareness is a great way to become fully realized and empowered in achieving your personal and professional goals.

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By Jennifer Brown Banks
Jennifer Brown Banks is an award-winning writer, content creator and columnist. Her articles and commentary pieces have been published extensively in print and online publications. Jennifer holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and blogs about the power of writing skills. When she is not busy writing, you'll find Jennifer shopping, enjoying a movie, cooking, reading or just generally enjoying the simple joys of life.

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