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3 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Sex Appeal

While you’re not likely seeking to snag a beau every time you step out of the house, doing so confident in your sex appeal can translate to increased confidence in other facets of your life. If you want to feel pretty, oh so pretty, you can. Applying a few tricks of the trade to your daily routine will transform your typical look from just general put-together to lushly va-va-voom.

1. Pick A Style

Maybe you’re a boho babe or, perhaps, your biggest disappointment is that you weren’t born in the ’50s, because you were made to be a curvy pin-up girl. Whatever style you prefer, go with it. You’ll always look sexier when your put-together is in a consistent style. Additionally, if it’s a style that’s near and dear to your heart, it will look more natural on you, making it immediately more appealing.

2. Slather On Shimmery Lotion

Just as shimmer on your lips will catch the eyes, sparkle elsewhere will have the same effect. While you don’t want to sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight – you’re not, after all, a Cullen, you do want to achieve that highly sought after glow. You can accomplish this with ease by adding the application of some shimmery lotion to your after-shower routine. Keep your planned outfit in mind when applying this lotion, and focus most of your attention on the areas that will be exposed.

3. Skip The Heavy Foundation

You want your skin to look flawless – this is a given. You don’t, however, want to look like you’ve got a flesh-colored mask stretched across your face. Be brave and go a bit barer. Use a tinted moisturizer for all-over complexion control. If you’ve got some blemishes that prove too pesky for this semi-translucent cover-up, use some focused concealer, taking care to blend this cover in so you don’t look spotty.

4. Accent Your Cheeks With Crème Blush

To truly capture the rosy-cheeks-of-youth look, select a crème blush instead of a traditional powder. With a crème-based product, you can create a more authentic looking flush of pink by blending the hue into the apples of your cheeks more naturally. To ensure you apply just the right amount of blush, consider the likely lighting in which you’ll soon be seen. If you’re going to a dimly lit club, you can be a bit more heavy-handed. If you’re headed to a natural-sunlight-lit event, be gentle or you’ll end up looking a bit too much like a clown.

5. Create Easy Doe Eyes

Looking doe-eyed and innocent can make you immediately more approachable – not to mention, profoundly sexier. Crafting a doe-eye doesn’t necessarily require hours in front of the mirror. For a quick version of this look, focus most of your mascara application on the outer points of your eyes, creating thicker and longer lashes here to make your eyes appear more open and the points more pronounced.

6. Trade In Your Red Lipstick

When seeking an enticing pucker, many women turn immediately to bold red lips. While this look does provide sex appeal, it’s hard to maintain throughout the day. Instead of a vivid crimson, try a natural and glossy look. The shimmer you’ll get from adding a bit of glittery gloss to your lips will attract the attention you seek.

7. Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow

Finish off your look-at-me lips by applying a bit of liquid highlighter to your Cupid’s bow – that little divot that floats above the center of your upper lip. Just a dab will do, adding a bit of contrast and effectively drawing all your admirers’ attentions to your kiss-me-now lips.

8. Apply Perfume Judiciously

A well-selected perfume can catch the nostrils of the man you seek; however, if you go over the top, you’ll probably find it has the opposite effect, regardless of the quality of the perfume. Apply your perfume to the nape of your neck. When you do so, hold the bottle about 10 inches from your skin to ensure that you don’t create a single over-saturated spot but, instead, cover the entire area with a gentle mist.

9. Volumize Your Hair

Add some lift to even the most lifeless tresses by rubbing some texturizing cream into your wet hair. Place most of the cream at the roots, and then spread throughout your hair by running your fingers down the wet strands. If your hair is particularly thin and straight, add additional volume by blow drying your hair upside down. With this simple-to-implement technique, you let gravity do all the work for you.

10. Add Softness To Your Hairstyle

A put-together hairstyle can be quite appealing. However, if the style you select is overly harsh, you may have the opposite effect. Shy away from pulling your hair back tight against your scalp. If you’re wearing an up-do, deliberately leave some tendrils of hair escaping the style. These additions make your hairstyle look more natural and add some softness around the face. If you really want to look take-me-now sexy, choose a tousled style. This soft and natural look will immediately make onlookers think of hair-tousling activities – like bedroom romps.

11. Build Your Confidence

When you’re confident, you’re always sexier. If you struggle with your confidence, put a concerted effort into bolstering it. Do anything you can to remind yourself of your power. If you’re a fitness fanatic, push yourself to the limit, reminding yourself as you struggle and strain that this is an indication of how amazing you are. Likewise, if you’re an artist, immerse yourself in work, producing new products as tangible evidence of your unique skill. Increase your exposure to situations that typically tackle your confidence to increase your ability to remain self-assured in these settings.

12. Consciously Smile

You will attract more men if you’re smiling. Period. It’s part of the science of attraction. Humans are naturally hardwired to assess each other’s facial expressions to determine approachability. It’s part of what kept people alive back in the grunts-and-groans caveman days. If you’re smiling, you will look like someone who wants to be approached. And if you’re trying to attract a partner, you want to be approached. You can’t get to the awesomeness that naturally comes after meeting someone without first being approached. This is also a scientific fact. Particularly if yoPin Itur known weakness is a tendency towards resting-bitch-face, making a conscious effort to smile could make all the difference.

13. Make Eye Contact

You’re made up perfectly. You’re confident. You’re smiling. Last step – make eye contact. By seeking out eye contact, you can set yourself apart from the shrinking violets that will go home alone at night’s end. Prove to the would-be partners in the room that you’re confident and invite them over with some eye contact. By locking eyes and maintaining it – that’s the hard part, the maintaining – you truly express your power and control, which makes you seem profoundly sexy.

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By Heather Redwood
Heather Redwood graduated from Penn State University with a Speech Communication degree, and specializes in communication therapy. She has logged over 15,000 hours in one-to-one sessions with men and women, helping them to cope with codependency issues and love and sex addiction. She also specializes in online dating and marriage counselling.

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