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3 Things This Ancient Calendar Will Reveal About Your Destiny

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For generations, one of the greatest civilizations mankind ever created watched the universe and how it moved, shifted, changed – and how those shift and movements affected people. They codified this knowledge into a “calendar” showing the universal energies that existed at a particular moment of time and what it meant for an individual person like you or I.

The “Mayan Calendar”

banner-mayanNo, This Isn’t The Zodiac. It’s not what we normally think of “Astrology” that has been embraced by the west off and on for what seems like ever. This calendar, like the people that created it, was suppressed and almost wiped out during the expansion of the Spanish empire to the New World. The great civilization? The Maya.

And if it weren’t for a dedicated small group of their spiritual leaders, the incredible calendar of the Maya would have been lost completely to the depths of time. But fortunately, enough of the knowledge was preserved and more and more of a complete picture is being reconstructed. Historically, this is important. But even more important is that despite the calendar being created thousands of years ago, what it tells us is perhaps even more relevant today than it has ever been.

Many people may have heard about the “Mayan Calendar” ending in 2012 and all that noise back a number of years ago. In truth, there WAS a one-time cycle that did end in 2012. But just like in our own system a day ‘ends’ every 24 hours. A year ‘ends’ every 365 days. It’s just that in the Mayan system the cycles are different.

And so what if one of those cycles was thousands of years long? It just means the start of the next cycle. It means that they took their calendar very seriously. Can you imagine us today being worried about a time cycle thousands of years long? Most of the time I can barely see to the end of the week! But the universe has been around for a long time. Cosmic time is just as likely to be looked at in terms of very long cycles as short cycles that impact us more directly.

You see, this isn’t a normal “calendar” as we see them today. It’s not meant to be a paper flip chart we hang on the fridge with cute pictures of kittens or puppies. It’s not even meant to track just the passage of time. It’s actually meant to track the cosmic energies of the universe that occur on a certain day.

Astrology? Yes, in the sense that it’s looking at the heavens above and matching it to patterns here on Earth below. But an astrological system that is unlike any other…

So What Will It Tell You?

Your role in the Universal Creation Process. Way beyond the importance of simply measuring time, the Mayan calendar (and the Dreamspell system inspired by it) shows how things move through a predictable cycle of creation. By knowing when you were born into this cycle, the energies of that day are readable. This means that you can know when in the cycle of creation you were born – and therefore what role you were meant to play in this lifetime.

Your Mayan Day Sign

This is a graphical representation of you. It will combine a color (red, white, blue or yellow) with a symbol. For instance, I’m a Blue Hand. By knowing what the color represents in terms of the Universal Creation Process and the symbol that explains how I’ll manifest that, I can instantly know what I was destined to be here. What my focus is. Even what are some of my natural strengths and challenges are.

Your “Tone”

Knowing this in combination with your Mayan Day Sign gives you your full “Galactic Signature”!

Knowing your Day Sign is powerful enough, but combined with your “Tone” you’ll now know which of the 260 unique Galactic Signatures is yours.

To put this another way – if you’ve ever dabbled in typical western astrology, you know which of the 12 signs of the zodiac you are – and perhaps learned some insights into what that means for you. The Mayan system has 260 different, clearly defined signs. Which means that the role you play in the creation process has been played by less than four tenths of a percent of the entire human race!

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By Ric Thompson
Ric Thompson, along with his wife Liz founded Cosmic Energy Profile after over 15 years of study into the principles behind the ancient calendar of the Maya. Discovering how to interpret not only personal energies set at birth, but also the daily energies all around us on an ongoing basis has led them to an amazing amount of benefits and insights into their lives and the desire to have it impact yours too. To date, has led to tens of thousands of people all over the world to explore these same benefits for themselves. Will you be next?

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