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3 Simple Healing Practices To Improve Your Business

If a healing thought, or intention can help heal a friend, then what would those same practices do to help heal our business? Our business may not be ill, however, it may not be reaching the goals you want, and that creates an unease inside us.

Intention, compassionate action, and healing rituals can positively influence your business goals.

Be your own researcher. Experiment with these suggestions. When we expand our mind set beyond things we can see or touch amazing things can happen. In addition to becoming more mindful, you might discover moments of grace that lead to greater success in all your endeavors.

1. Set Intentions

Our mind and imaginations are powerful tools we can train to focus on a specific goal or intention. While there is no secret to setting an intention we all need help to create our intentions, or solve those challenging situations.

Setting and holding the intention is one step, opening my mind to new possibilities is another step. First ask yourself is this intention reasonably and easily accomplished on your own? If you need teammates, what will they do, and how will they help accomplish your goal.

  • Begin by writing your intention down.
  • Place it in a special place so you focus on your intention easily. This could be on your mirror at home, or your computer screen at work.
  • Some people find great benefit in creating what are called God boxes. These are containers that hold their dreams, intentions as well as challenging situations.
  • In quiet moments imagine what it would feel like to reach that goal.

One of my favorite mantras when working with intention is “Thank you for this…or something better.” I always believe in leaving room for the unexpected gifts, or the mystery of grace. And those gifts often come when I am paying close attention to my surroundings, even down to the, do I turn here now, or go to this or that restaurant.

2. Cultivate Loving-Kindness In Your Relationships

The practice of loving-kindness stems from a Buddhist tradition, but can be used for anyone at any time. In essence, it means sending unconditional love and well-wishes to ourselves or others without any expectations. Imagine sending these thoughts of loving kindness to business associates, colleagues, or work partners.

Loving kindness can be like the grease that oils the proverbial squeaky wheel, and smooths out the roughs spots in any business situation. Or those thoughts and actions can be the energy you feel when you enter a room, begin negotiations, or pave the way to increase waves of loving kindness. Imagine a peaceful business meeting, how much more productive you could be.

  • To practice loving-kindness begin by dropping your mind into your heart and imagine sending kind thoughts to all you know.
  • You can use phrases like “May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you know peace and joy.”
  • To define an act of loving kindness ask yourself what would make you feel nurtured now? Whether it’s offering to give a shoulder rub, staying late to help finish a project, or buying a coworker a cup of coffee — rest assured that these small acts do make a difference for yourself, friends, colleagues and community.
  • If you are developing teammates ask them what they want, ask them what would feel kind to them.

3. Create Healing Rituals

Again, our business, or work situation may not be diseased it may just be uncomfortable or make us feel itchy. A healing ritual is designed to get to that itch, or help us understand what is uncomfortable. By looking inside ourselves for the source of the problem we are headed in the right direction to correct our course.

Common in virtually every culture, ritual and ceremony can reinforce our intentions. You can create your own healing rituals to suit your personal preferences.

  • Create a special place at your workstation. Place a symbol or picture on your computer screen or bulletin board which represents your goal. During quiet moments focus on that image.
  • While washing your hands the running water with mindfulness can carry your intentions to others.Pin It
  • Involve yourself daily with your teammates, talk to them, walk with them, or have tea with them.
  • Move your body daily to move the “dis-ease” out of your business.

These suggestions are just the beginning of what you could do to heal your “ailing” business. Please note that setting intentions, cultivating loving kindness, and creating rituals do not take the place of action steps and following up on those action steps.

Whilst you are becoming more successful you may feel more peaceful, be more creative, and make a greater difference to those around you.

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By Mari Selby
Mari Selby is the founder of, a publicity and marketing firm that has been working with authors and publishers since 1998. As an established author and poet herself, she is also a columnist for magazines. Selby ink is passionate about books that make a difference in people’s lives, their relationships, society or the planet.

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