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3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Home Your Castle

A man’s home is his castle… and that goes for women and the kids, too. You’ve worked hard to buy your home and you’ve worked even harder to take care of it. You decorate it with the things you love; you clean it with care.

Have you ever taken the time to ponder why our homes are so important to us? Trust me, I have and I’ve come to realize that it’s much more than simply having a roof over my head; it’s a sacred place that I call my own.

Your home is more than just your castle; it’s where you find solace, love and important time with your family and friends. If you’ve had a bad week and need some time to rejuvenate, don’t drown your sorrows at a bar; find your peace and regain your sanity in your home!

Your Home Is Time With Your Family

When was the last time you played with your kids in the backyard or in their rooms? Sure, you spend a lot of time hollering at your children to clean their rooms, but have you actually entered their “domain” and spent some quality with time in there lately?

One of the greatest benefits of owning a home is allowing everyone his or her space and then spending time with them in it to get to know them better. Take a moment, or better yet an hour and go into each of your children’s rooms and play or simply talk with them. Not only will you learn more about each of your children, you’ll spend some quality time with them and build a stronger relationship.

After the kids have gone to bed, take a moment with your significant other to enjoy the home you’ve both worked so hard to have and maintain. If the weather permits, pour a glass of wine for each of you, sit out on your porch and take in the beautiful evening.

If it’s too cold outside, cuddle on the couch and… don’t turn on the television. Rather, make your home an environment to enjoy each other’s company by talking and bonding. You’ll be surprised how much you and your partner will decompress quickly after a long, hard day in the comfort of each other’s company in your beloved home.

Don’t Go Out With Friends, Stay In

Your home is also a wonderful place to entertain your friends. Who says you have to go out to eat when it’s time to get together with your social circle. There is no reason why you cannot open your home to your friends and have an equally wonderful time.

This will not only save you money in the long run, which you can then put back into the things you’d like for your home, but it will also offer a safe environment in which everyone can kick back, relax and have a wonderful time.

Fire up that barbecue and invite everyone over for your world-famous ribs. Take the car keys from your drinking friends and let the entire crowd loose for a wonderful evening of good food and drink. If somebody’s had a little too much, set him or her up in your guest room or on the couch for the night until they’ve slept it off and can drive home safely.

Turn your home into the place for fun with friends, as well as the place to stay safe when the night is over.

You Can’t Afford To Take The Family On A Disney Vacation. No Problem!

One of the best things you can do for you and your family when things are a little tight is going on a “staycation.” What’s a staycation? A vacation at home, of course! Even though getting out, adventuring and exploring the world is a fantastic way for everyone in the family to unwind and broaden their horizons, if things are tight, you can have as much fun at home!

Pin ItDeclare a family pajama day where you order in everyone’s favorite food and spend the day in front of the TV in your pajamas. Sleep in late, and let the kids do so, too, to see where everybody’s natural circadian rhythm takes them.

Want to go to Disney World after all? Hook up the laptop to your television, open up Google Earth and explore the Magic Kingdom from afar, then set a savings plan for you and the kids to make sure the vacation happens next year. In the meantime, enjoy your castle! Enjoy your home!

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By Sandie Hamilton
Sandie understands how our environment can have such a direct and poignant effect on our daily lives. She is passionate about helping her clients to live in an environment that is beneficial to their health, which empowers them to face each new day with determination and vigour and which is easily achievable. “There are many aspects at home and within our daily lives that can be changed by making small adjustments to the world around us. I can help my patients to identify a toxic environment and to change it into an environment that promotes health, clarity of mind and wellness overall.”

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