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25 Self-Destructive Habits To Stop For A Better Life

When the quest for a richer, more enlightened and more fulfilled life seems to hit roadblock after roadblock, it can be far too easy to point the blame at external factors rather than self-sabotaging behaviors and attitudes.

Often, people have the tendency to either consciously or unintentionally be “their own worst enemy” in life, repeating self-destructive patterns over and over again and yielding unsatisfying results. Take a good look at the various ways in which individuals may inflict emotional damage upon themselves, and determine whether you are, indeed, getting in your own way on the road to personal happiness. Avoid turning your existence into a self-defeating prophecy by pledging to stop participation in the following 25 behaviors.

1. Constantly Putting Yourself Last

Although taking the needs of important people in your life into consideration is important, this should not always be done to the detriment of your own needs. Make yourself a priority from time to time.

2. Falling Victim To Low Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem is an issue for many people, and when not addressed, this lack of confidence can affect relationships, careers and mental health. Boost your self-image by making a list of your admirable personality traits.

3. Worrying About Circumstances That You Can’t Control

Experiencing anxiety over the behavior of others, troublesome world affairs or the economy is not uncommon, but when taken to excess, your quality of life may suffer. Pledge to focus your concerns toward situations on which you have influence.

4. Avoiding Problems That Should Be Addressed

The urge to avoid solving one or more problems in life may seem appealing in the short term, but this strategy only compounds issues down the road. Address conflicts directly and productively as they occur.

5. Living A Disorganized Life

Letting clutter, chaos and disorganization overtake both your physical and mental space strongly hinders your ability to live a peaceful, focused existence. Streamline your environment, and keep a written list of your daily goals.

6. Trying Desperately To Achieve Perfection

No matter how ambitious, determined and committed you are in regard to achieving life goals, you are bound to fall short of perfection due to human fallibility. Never punish or devalue yourself for not being perfect.

7. Taking Others’ Negativity To Heart

It can be challenging to prevent yourself from internalizing the negative words and actions of certain people in your life. Make strides in stopping this practice by telling yourself that others’ issues are not your burden.

8. Failing To Take Care Of Your Body And Mind

Neglecting your bodily and mental health can make stressful situations even worse. Look after yourself by sleeping regularly, eating properly, keeping good hygiene habits and taking herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis when advised.

9. Taking People Or Things For Granted

Do not assume that certain friendships, opportunities or material possessions will remain a constant in your life without expressed appreciation on your part. Be grateful for what you have, and use your advantages to help others.

10. Not Being True To Your Authentic Self

Sometimes, worry of judgment, criticism or rejection causes people to act in ways that do not reflect their true inner selves. Refrain from falling into this trap, as repressing your authenticity leads to discontent.

11. Staying In Dead-End Relationships

Fear of being without a partner can cloud your instinct to leave a relationship that is emotionally or physically abusive, fraught with tension or lacking commitment. Love yourself enough to end these toxic dynamics.

12. Engaging In Excessive Procrastination

Putting off tasks that need to be done in order to encourage a fruitful and productive existence is a common problem, but not insurmountable. Give yourself a small daily incentive for getting your work done.

13. Denying Your Shortcomings

Everyone has character aspects that can benefit from improvement. Accept that you have faults rather than live in denial, as this acknowledgment can only aid you in your journey to be your very best self.

14. Dwelling On The Past

When you are unable to forgive yourself for mistakes that you made at a younger age, you cannot truly move forward to make the most of your present. Resolve to put the past to rest.

15. Hating Yourself Or Other People

Hate is an overwhelmingly toxic emotion that can easily consume you to the point where you no longer view people or situations rationally. Strive to love yourself, and practice indifference toward those who upset you.

16. Allowing Envy Or Resentment To Stifle You

In the same vein as hatred, jealousy and bitterness are unhealthy emotions that serve as roadblocks on the path to complete wellness. Try not to let the circumstances of others be a factor in your goals.

17. Never Standing Up For Yourself

Continually allowing people to take advantage of your passive nature can erode your ability to be assertive when it is needed. Defend yourself confidently when you are faced with unfair judgment or a lopsided power dynamic.

18. Hesitating To Reach Out For Help

Pride, fear and the desire for self-protection commonly hinder people who could use help from friends and family in difficult times. Do not be afraid to seek support when you are not thriving on your own.

19. Letting Fear Of Failure Prevent New Experiences

No one likes to fail in life, but sometimes, going through this experience is vital to the development of personal growth. Approach new experiences knowing that they are worth it, whether you falter or succeed.

20. Being Too Selfish

Although self-preservation is a good thing, selfishness to the point where you only consider your own needs and wants is not. Keep the importance of reciprocal relationships, where you give and receive, at your mind’s forefront.

21. Wallowing In Self-Pity

Allow yourself to experience sadness and disappointment when you have a personal setback, but stop short of becoming trapped in a self-pity spiral. Take steps as soon as possible to move toward new, fulfilling opportunities.

22. Focusing Too Much On Far-Off Resolutions

Future ambitions are admirable, but getting too caught up in where you’d like to be five, 10 or 15 years from now impairs your capacity to embrace the here and now. Set goals, but stay mindful.

23. Seeking Validation From External Sources

True happiness, peace and contentment should come from within and should not depend on the whims of other parties in your life. Remind yourself frequently that you are valid and important just for being you.Pin It

24. Deciding To Never Challenge Yourself

Complacency in a job, relationship or course of study is comforting, although this can sometimes result in boredom and stagnation. Indulge in small challenges from time to time to keep your mind and spirit sharp.

25. Over-Working Yourself To The Point Of Exhaustion

A productive work life is commendable, provided that you take care not to overtax yourself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Know that breaks and rest periods are necessary for optimal function.

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By Bridget Webber
Bridget Webber's background rests in mental health, counseling, hypnotherapy, NLP and art. She brings knowledge from her experiences into her writing and specializes in emotional wellness and the creation of, rather than search for, joy.

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