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21 Great Reasons To Love And Accept YOU

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself in life is true self-love and acceptance. Though human existence is filled with challenges that can bring about feelings of insecurity and self-doubt at times, you are much more capable of weathering through these storms if you fully embrace your worthiness and value. Read on to discover 21 reasons why loving and accepting yourself is so integral to a happy life.

1. You are the one constant in your life.

Other people may drift into and out of your world, but you always have yourself to rely on, so love yourself accordingly.

2. No one else in the world is you.

Your looks, emotions and personality are uniquely your own, not to be exactly replicated in anyone else. Celebrate and cherish your individuality.

3. Loving yourself inspires others to love you.

Project confidence in, and contentment with, yourself, and watch as people in your life respond to your positive self-image with appreciation for your qualities.

4. Self-love influences all aspects of self-care.

If you value yourself, then you do all that you can to nourish your body, mind and spirit in the healthiest ways possible.

5. Your confidence blooms and flourishes.

It is far easier to believe in your abilities when you have love and acceptance guiding you while you make decisions in life.

6. Accepting yourself allows you to accept other people.

Be kind, graceful and compassionate toward yourself so that you have the tools to extend these virtues toward those in need of love.

7. Letting go of unrealistic expectations is freeing.

You do not need to strive for perfection at all times to be worthy of self-love. Accept and embrace both your flaws and your strengths.

8. You become more resilient in the face of difficulties.

Life is not always easy. Love for yourself gives you the foundation to keep pushing toward a more peaceful existence.

9. Love and acceptance encourages gratitude for your life.

Your capacity to experience the world is a gift. Give thanks for this special opportunity by holding yourself in high regard.

10. You notice the beauty in everything.

When you love living day to day, the best that nature, relationships, education and technology have to offer becomes vibrantly clear.

11. Creativity thrives in a self-love environment.

Appreciate your innate talents, and your creative endeavors such as writing, painting, crafting and composing may lead to great accomplishments.

12. Passion for life fosters an exuberant spirit.

Loving yourself allows you to greet each new experience with great enthusiasm and wonder, enriching your spirit as you grow.

13. You can be your authentic self.

If you seek an enlightened life, then complete acceptance and gratitude for yourself is vital. Let self-love encourage a truly meaningful existence.

14. Positive choices become second nature.

Caring for yourself means that you do your best to avoid making potentially harmful decisions. Treasure your being and self-preservation follows.

15. Radiating joy sets a good example for your loved ones.

Help those whom you love to realize their own worth by demonstrating the invaluable ability to embrace and enjoy yourself.

16. You are motivated to reach your goals.

Most people strive toward certain accomplishments in life. Love and believe in yourself so that you can reach your achievements head-on.

17. With love and acceptance comes the capacity for forgiveness.

Allowing past missteps to define you clouds your self-esteem. Practice accepting yourself as a way of acknowledging and learning from your mistakes.

18. Work becomes more fulfilling and productive.

You might be surprised at how easily your drive to contribute and produce good work increases when you make self-love a priority.

19. You may find courage that you did not know you possessed.

Unwavering belief in, and regard for, yourself helps you to stand up and take charge when others depend on your bravery.Pin It

20. Every moment of the present becomes important.

Loving you and loving your life enables you to engage fully in each experience as it occurs. Embrace your existence as being precious.

21. Your mind opens to new discoveries.

If you want to maximize your potential, know that you are worthy and capable of doing so in every task that you encounter.

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By Bridget Webber
Bridget Webber's background rests in mental health, counseling, hypnotherapy, NLP and art. She brings knowledge from her experiences into her writing and specializes in emotional wellness and the creation of, rather than search for, joy.

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