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21 Cool Things Only Women Turning 30 Will Understand

Once you’ve lived through nearly three decades of life, there are some truths that become very clear to you.

In some cases, you may have gotten inklings of the wisdom associated with these tidbits before actually reaching the age of being nearly 30, but once you hit the big 3-0, you should be able to reflect back on many of the things below that you’ve come to understand through various life experiences.

1. There’s Nothing Magic That Happens When You’re 30

Many people see turning 30 as such a milestone occasion that they expect to instantly have their lives in order and be much wiser after their birthdays occur. But, as you’ll soon see, you’re not likely to feel much different. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not permitted to at least congratulate yourself for surviving and thriving on the planet for this long!

2. No One Has It All, But Some Make The Most Of What They Do Have

Even when people seem to have everything in life, that could be just a perception. Everyone goes through struggles, but some people know how to appreciate all the good things in life. When you can do that, it’s possible to look forward to a more stress-free existence.

3. There’s A Difference Between Fighting To Keep Someone And Knowing When To Let Go

Relationships take work, and by now, you’ve probably had at least a few meaningful ones. It’s much easier to preserve your sanity by being able to judge whether it’s worth fighting hard to keep someone you care about in your life or reaching the point where you understand and accept it’s time to set them free.

4. The Human Body Is Surprisingly Resilient

As you near 30, you can probably look back and recall dozens of times when you partied a little harder than intended and paid for it the next day. Thankfully, you lived to tell those tales. That reality alone is proof that even when you’re not as kind as you should be to your body, it can often bounce back…just as long as you don’t make a habit of taxing it.

5. Being Smart Is Sexy

In your teenage and college years, you probably spent a great deal of time trying to impress others through your appearance. However, as people get older, they tend to realize that knowledge is at least as attractive as any physical trait.

6. Prevention Can Shape Your Future

Taking preventative measures such as eating well and exercising can help you enjoy a much longer life. You may still feel almost invincible and think that you have time to take those preventative measures later. However, the sooner you start them, the easier it is to turn the activities into lifetime habits.

7. Bitterness Is Toxic

Many people become so upset over their interaction with others that bitterness boils inside them for years. However, hopefully by now you understand that bitterness is harmful both to you and the person you’re upset with. It’s far preferable to just rise above the drama and utter the mantra, “Don’t be bitter, just be better.”

8. People Are Meant To Be Accepted, Not Fixed

In your romantic relationships and friendships alike, you have probably noticed some traits about others you wished you could fix or improve. However, age tends to bring the realization that people must take personal responsibility for lasting changes. On the other hand, your responsibility is merely to accept them for who they are, at least as fully as possible.

9. A Smile Can Be A Day Brightener

One of the easiest ways to lift someone up is to simply let a smile spread across your face. Even if the person is a stranger, your interaction could make them feel noticed and appreciated.

10. You’re Not Peter Pan

Although people often appreciate a few child-like traits, they probably won’t be so enthusiastic if you are constantly immature. Turning 30 does not mean you have to be stiff and lose your sense of fun, but it usually means you’ve reached a point where it’s no longer ideal to act like a child most of the time.

11. Accountability Is A Wonderful Present

Demonstrating to others that you’re willing to be accountable for your actions is a great gift. It lessens the stress for them and shows they can depend on you.

12. It’s Necessary To Spend Your Time Wisely

We all get the same number of minutes and hours in a day. However, some of us really strive to practice good time management. This is a skill that you should have started developing already, and turning 30 can help you sharpen it.

13. True Friends Give Support And Permit Independence

Friends come and go, but the genuine ones understand when you need to be supported, or conversely, when it’s time to encourage independence. When those people are in your life, you can rest assured you’re not falling into a pattern of dependency.

14. Perfection Is Not Necessary

There’s no harm in trying to be your best, but if your goal is purely to attain perfection, you’ll be in for constant disappointments. Instead, try to stay content by doing the best that’s possible in any given situation and accepting the outcome by knowing you gave a good effort, and that’s the most important thing.

15. Experiences Are Precious

Take one look at your favorite photographs and they should serve as a reminder that it’s moments, not possessions, which hold the most value. As you enter into this new phase of life, keep that insight close to your heart.

16. Don’t Play The Victim

Many people have gone through terrible things after being hurt by others. However, it is possible to move past hardships and triumph, despite tough odds. It’s not useful to wallow in sorrow.

17. Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes can be valuable learning experiences, and you should cherish each one. By now you should have also realized there are few benefits to be gained from beating yourself up over mistakes and over-analyzing what you could have done to avoid them.

18. Compassion Speaks Volumes

Being compassionate is difficult, but the associated actions are louder than any scream. Strive to show compassion every day while entering your 30’s.

19. Relationships Require Mutual Effort

It’s not just that relationships are hard work. The work must be put in by both parties. It is in that situation when relationships prosper.

20. Not All People Are TruthfulPin It

Even if you hold yourself to a standard of truthfulness, others may not be so dedicated. Many people even lie to themselves. The sooner you can see that, the easier it is to protect yourself.

21. It’s Never Too Late For New Beginnings

Even as you are about to turn 30, that does not mean you have gone past your prime. Challenge yourself to move into new territory and try something new.

Hopefully you’ll be able to call upon this list of acquired wisdom as you navigate your 30’s. Who knows what knowledge the next decade of life will bring?

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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