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20 Tried-And-True Ways To Save Money As A Couple

Whether you are just starting out as a couple with shared finances or have been sharing expenses for a while, you can always benefit from saving some extra money. One advantage of taking steps to improve your financial situation as a couple is that you and your partner can brainstorm together, motivate one another and hold one another accountable if necessary.

You can also inspire each other to make saving money, a process that can sometimes be stressful, a creative, productive and sometimes fun endeavor. Try these 20 straightforward strategies for boosting your financial life as a unit!

1. Develop A Joint Debt Payment Strategy

If you or your partner has any credit card debt, make a plan to pay it down as soon as possible. Consider transferring your debt to one low-interest card.

2. Take Shortcuts In Food Shopping

As a couple, you can enjoy big savings at the grocery store by using coupons and keeping an eye out for promotional deals on food.

3. Tidy Your House With Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Commercial cleaning products can add up, so try using inexpensive natural cleaners, such as white vinegar and baking soda, in recycled spray bottles to spruce up your home.

4. Look for Great Deals On Furnishings

You and your partner do not need to purchase expensive, brand new furniture. Instead, refurbish older pieces and visit antique stores to find vintage items with character.

5. Be Conservative With Credit Cards

Ideally, debit card use is a smart practice. If you want to build your credit, however, choose one low-interest credit card and pay off your balance each month.

6. Re-Finance Home Or Student Loans

When monthly payments on a home mortgage or student loan take a significant toll on your earnings as a couple, think about looking for better rates and re-financing.

7. Keep A Change Jar And Fill It Up

Designate a large jar for holding any loose change that you and your partner have. When the jar fills up, deposit the change in the bank.

8. Plan Outings That Are Fun And Affordable

Rather than plan extravagant dates, explore free or low-cost options such as a picnic lunch or bicycle ride.

9. Shop Around For The Best Subscription Service Rates

If you pay for cable television, internet or other services offered on a subscription basis, check in with providers periodically to see where the best rates are.

10. Cook At Home Whenever Possible

Restaurant and take-out meals add up in cost quickly. Take turns with your partner in cooking great meals at home with items from your grocery budget.

11. Get A Variety Of Insurance Quotes

When obtaining or changing auto, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, save money on your policy by contacting several different companies for quotes before making your decision.

12. Take Cost-Friendly Vacations

Get a change of scenery at an affordable price by opting for vacation spots that are a short drive away. Stay with friends in the area or at a budget hotel.

13. Maintain Both Joint And Separate Accounts

Keep your joint household account at a consistent balance by maintaining smaller separate accounts for your individual splurges. This way, your savings as a couple remain stable.

14. Set Spending Limits On Hobbies

Everyone has an enjoyable hobby or two, but you and your partner should adhere to agreed upon limits to ensure that these activities do not negatively impact your budget.

15. Create Weekly Or Monthly Budget Spreadsheets

Track your income and expenses more efficiently with a written budget. Use computer software to create and edit a new spreadsheet each week or month.

16. Forgo Extravagant Or Unnecessary Purchases

Make reasonable decisions when it comes to impulse purchases. Financial stability over the long term has greater value than the brief thrill of buying an expensive item.

17. Explore Secondhand Clothing Stores

Expand your work or casual wardrobe at a reduced cost by browsing through gently worn items at secondhand stores. You both may find great deals on versatile clothes.

18. Do Minor Repair Work Yourselves

Pin ItIf a minor home repair becomes an issue, watch or read tutorials on fixing it yourselves rather than paying a service company for its time and labor.

19. Choose Cars With Good Gas Mileage

Whether buying your first jointly owned car or trading in one of your pre-owned ones, research your best options in terms of gas mileage and choose a vehicle accordingly.

20. Pick Up Occasional Side Jobs

Earn some extra cash together by taking on side jobs that you can do as a couple, including babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking and car washing.

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By Janice Morgan
Talking about money doesn’t have to be boring, and this is something that Janice firmly believes. A Certified Financial Planner and public speaker, Janice brings with her years of experience in sharing financial advice, and helping her clients to make sensible financial choices. She speaks frequently at corporate events, universities and conferences.

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