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The 2-Step Formula Used By The Wildly Successful

I get asked many times by many people the same question over and over: “Harv, what’s the key to ultimate success?”

Well, myself and success coaches have lots of ‘Keys’ and ‘Secrets,’ yes or yes? In fact, do a quick Google search with the words ‘secret to success,’ and you’ll see just how many secrets there really are!

This isn’t meant to diminish the value of so many smart, intelligent, caring, successful people who have worked hard and accomplished positive things, and who want to share that with others.

The truth is some secrets are hidden in plain sight, though, so simple and obvious that our overly-complicated thinking and distractions keep us blind to what’s right in front of us. Sometimes, it does indeed take someone who’s been there and done that to just remind us of what we already know, in a way that really inspires us to move from knowing into action.

There are several key factors that separate the truly successful from the average and mediocre, but if there was one, I’d say it’s consistency.

There’s a science to success, and if you follow it, you’ll get there! There is no limit, and there is no scarcity, as long as you follow the steps that need to be taken. You do these steps over and over until you aren’t really thinking about it anymore. It really is as simple as that.

It’s like having the combination to the padlock of life. If someone just threw you a padlock and said, “Open it,” you’d sit there spinning the dial left and right, back and forth, if you didn’t know the combination. You’d never get it unlocked.

1) You need to have a crystal-clear vision of what you want. Whatever you focus on, you’ll get more of. If you focus on problems, you’ll get more problems. Quantum physicists have long proven that everything in its most base form is energy, and this includes our thoughts.

001005010---the-2-step-formula-used-by-the-wildly-successful-pin2) You must have a desire that pushes you toward your dream, and you have to stay committed to it. In its root form desire is “of the stars,” or from the stars, giving the meaning a divine aspect. Desire was engrained in us since we arrived on this planet. When you unleash that desire and bypass the people and events in your life that have created limiting beliefs, then you can really have it. The universe wants you to have.

The simplest key to unlocking that power and pull toward your dreams is consistent action.

There are no limitations, so shoot for the moon. The universe works effortlessly, but you have to be crystal clear on what it is that you want, your vision has to be backed by the fuel of honest and sincere emotion, and you must take steady action. You don’t need to see the whole staircase. You just need to take the first step, and the universe will line up the rest of the steps for you.

What do you think? How has consistent action—or lack thereof—changed or transformed your push toward success?

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By T.Harv Eker
T. Harv Eker is a best-selling author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation. He is passionate about his beliefs, energetic and has a ‘cut-to-the-chase’ style that captivates his audience. His motto is "talk is cheap" and his unique ability is getting people to take action in the real world to produce real success. Using his own principles and practices, T. Harv teaches his own blueprint to not only create success, but to keep it and grow it, and become a multi-millionaire.

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