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2 Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

1. Real Raspberry White Chocolate Homemade Valentine Hearts

Chocolate made with real food and real berries. Makes a great homemade gift for anyone on Valentine’s day, but especially the clean eaters in your life. Plus the berries give a nice, natural pink color to the chocolate. Nourish the ones you love with this delicious homemade treat.

Use silicone heart molds which are widely available online and fairly cheap. When choosing the cashew butter try to use the runny butter at the top of the jar/tub, this will melt easier than the firmer stuff at the bottom.

Ingredients: (makes approx 12 hearts)

Cacao butter 30g
Cashew butter 20g
Honey/maple syrup 1Tb (or adjust to your tastes)
Raspberries 40g


  • Mash the berries really well then set aside while you make the chocolate.
  • In a small pot gently melt the cacao butter, cashew butter, and honey/maple together until they form a nice smooth liquid then pour this into the mashed berries and stir to combine.
  • Spoon out teaspoon amounts of the mix into the heart shaped molds or you can double up with 2 teaspoons in each which will make the chocolates thicker/bigger but will reduce the number of them.
  • Place the filled mold into the freezer for 30mins then remove and pop the chocolates out of the molds and store in the fridge in an airtight container.

2. Homemade Cashew Coconut White Chocolate Valentine’s Bark

This recipe makes 1 small bark and you’ll need a small rectangular tupperware dish that is 4cm by 14cm, make sure it is suitable for freezing. For a smooth bark, try to use the runny cashew butter from the top of the jar/tub.

This homemade chocolate is great for anyone who cannot get their hands on some cacao butter to make white chocolate from scratch. This is a great alternative. It’s so creamy due to the cashew butter and you can control what flavors as well as how much sweetness goes into it. After all, I’m sure your Valentine is sweet enough already! Another bonus is that this chocolate is dairy free so it is suitable for anyone with dairy allergies.


35g coconut oil
30g runny cashew butter
1 & ½ Tbspn honey/maple/carob syrup (or adjust to taste)
¼ tspn vanilla extract/a pinch of pure vanilla powder
Desired toppings e.g. dried rose petals, chopped pistachios, goji berries etc


  • Line your tupperware with some baking paper.
  • Measure out the coconut oil and cashew butter into a small pot and gently melt while continually stirring.
  • Once the mix is a lump-free liquid, stir in your chosen liquid sweetener and vanilla, then stir again for another 10 seconds to combine.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and pour the mix into your tupperware dish and top with whatever you choose, personally, I like the color contrast of red and green from dried rose petals/gojis and pistachios.
  • Allow the chocolate bark to sit at room temperature for about 10-15 mins to cool then put the lid on and pop it into the freezer for 20mins to firm up.

Enjoy! And happy Valentine’s day.

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By Siobhan OHora
Siobhan Ohora has a masters in Food Security and a passion for all things foodie. Her interest in the health and good food industry first came about when she started having digestive issues herself, which meant she had to clean up her diet and begin eating real food. Siobhan loves blogging about food and creating new recipes.

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