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17 Best Things That Money Can’t Buy

You’ve probably heard that money can’t buy happiness. That might be true, but that’s not the only thing money can’t buy.

Yes, it’s helpful to have ample funds at your disposal, not only so that you can pay bills and make ends meet, but also so that you can have the lifestyle you want. Whether that means a big house, new cars, private school for your kids or a yearly vacation, having money is certainly an important part of life.

However, even if you don’t have a ton of extra cash all the time, you can still live a great life. Once you realize this, having gobs of money won’t seem quite so vital anymore.

1. Running
Really any type of exercise you can do without having to pay to go to the gym works. There is something liberating about exercise, and it can elevate mood and improve your health too. Swimming and biking also work well.

2. Good Relationships
Whether it’s with your parents, your best friends, your spouse or your kids, positive relationships are a vital part of any person’s happiness. When you have people you can count on and that have your back through thick and thin, you will experience joy in pretty much all aspects of your life.

3. Music
Listening to music doesn’t have to cost anything. Turn on your radio, or tune into a satellite channel on the television and you can access thousands upon thousands of songs for any event or mood you need them for. Listening to music is incredibly therapeutic, and cranking it up is sure to make you happy every single day.

4. A Nap
There’s something so wonderful about stealing the chance to sleep in the middle of the day. Getting a nap is one of the things that many people call their indulgence, so sneaking one in on a regular basis is sure to improve your mood and make the day a happy one.

5. Your Pet
Hanging out with your dog or cat is something you can do anytime you want to, and there are multitudes of studies that prove that spending time with a beloved pet is all you need to feel happier.

6. Sunrises And Sunsets
It doesn’t cost anything to sit somewhere and watch the sun go down or come up. Whether you do this alone or with someone you love, the simple beauty of a sunrise or sunset is enough to lift anyone’s spirits without having to spend a dime.

7. A Home Cooked Meal
Whether you prepare it yourself or someone cooks for you, there is joy in a meal made with love. The food doesn’t have to be fancy or gourmet, because the simple act of making it shows that you care about yourself or that someone cares about you. So save your money, skip the restaurant and eat at home tonight.

8. A Walk In Nature
Studies show that spending time in the great outdoors relieves stress and improves mood, so make time for a walk as often as possible. You can stroll through your neighborhood, a local park or the botanical gardens.

9. A Good Laugh
It goes without saying that laughter makes you happy and can bring you out of a bad mood pretty quickly. Spend time with someone who makes you chuckle, or go rent a comedy to watch at home. Whatever gets you laughing – do more of that.

10. Rain Falling
There is something so soothing and peaceful about listening to the rain fall. When it starts to come down, sit near a window or on your covered patio, and let the sound make you happy. If you don’t live in a rainy climate, try a white noise machine or an app for your smartphone that mimics the sound.

11. Smiling
Even when you don’t feel like smiling, doing so anyway can make you feel happy. Research shows that pretending to smile can trick you into thinking that you’re happy and that faking it can elevate mood. Smile at a stranger, your kids or anyone else, and you might notice that you feel better quickly, especially if they smile back at you.

12. Do A Good Deed
There is a lot of evidence that proves that doing something nice for someone can make you feel happy. In fact, volunteering is one thing that people report they choose to do when they need a mood boost. If you can’t find the time to volunteer, simply bring your husband coffee in bed, run an errand for an elderly neighbor, or help your co-worker meet a deadline. Whatever you do, you’ll feel better and so will the person you helped.

13. Take The Day Off
Most companies give their employees a certain number of personal days. Go ahead and take one of yours to do what you want to do. Stay home and sleep in, and then catch up on your reading. Or go to the mall and shop all day with a friend. Book a massage or a pedicure. Whatever makes you joyful combined with an indulgent day off from work should do the trick in no time.

14. Looking At Photographs
Grab your stack of photo albums and yearbooks and page back through them, reliving the moments. This trip down memory lane can remind you of times when you were happy and make you feel that way again. This is even better when you share those memories with friends and loved ones.

15. Take A Bath
For many people, a soak in the tub is the ultimate in relaxation. Take things to the next level by adding bubbles, candles, music and a book and you have an environment that practically screams happiness. Taking a bath gives you the chance to simply sit still and unwind, which is something that will make anyone happier.

16. Wash Your Sheets
There’s something really wonderful about getting into fresh clean sheets at the end of the day, so wash yours today. If you have a clothesline, consider air-drying your sheets so they have a lovely fresh scent when you put them back onto your bed.

17. Star GazingPin It
If you stay up late enough at night, you can enjoy the constellations in the sky. It’s hard to get a great view of the stars if you live in the city, so you might want to take a drive away from the lights and then look up. There’s something really powerful about watching the night sky, especially when you do it with someone you love.

As you can see, there are many ways to boost happiness and make your life great without having to spend any money. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you, and make them a regular part of your life.

Once you do that, you’re bound to see your quality of life improving and your outlook getting sunnier. If not, talk to your doctor to rule out a health or mental wellness condition that could be interfering with your best life.

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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