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16 Things You Only Do If You Have A BFF

Maybe you met yours on the playground in third grade. Perhaps she was that girl who sat next to you at the lunch table freshman year in high school, saving you from eating lunch solo (which would have basically made you a social pariah for the next four years).

Regardless of how you met your BFF, you’re now among the lucky ones—those people who have someone to travel through life with in tandem. Having this one special friend can impact your entire outlook on life. You’ll experience things differently because you’re facing each struggle, celebrating each triumph and passing each boring day as a pair.

There are some things that you do that might make outsiders stop and question your sanity. But, don’t worry. You’re entirely sane. You’re just part of an unbreakable duo, and this status as half of a whole necessarily impacts your actions and thoughts.

Do any of these common BFF-having behaviors sound like you?

1. You Visit Single Bathrooms Together

“Oh, that one’s a single,” the girl waiting in line behind you tells you as you enter the Starbucks bathroom on the heels of your best friend.

“Um, okay,” you respond, continuing into the bathroom and locking the door behind you.

Weird? Not if you’ve got a BFF. You’ll gladly stand there chit-chatting while your best bud does her business. No problem at all.

2. You Call Your BFF’s Parents, Mom And Dad

“I thought your mom’s name was Betty,” your new classmate comments.

“Oh, it is,” you say with a sigh, “This is my other mom, Linda.”

Your best friend’s parents might not have played any part in bringing you into the world, but they have certainly played a part in making you the person you are today. You basically split your formative years between your BFF’s house and your own, so they had plenty of opportunities to make an impact.

3. You Never Face A First Alone

“Wasn’t the first day of college really stressful,” you say to your BFF.

Whether you were physically together on that day, or your colleges of choice were states apart, you still shared the experience. You talked. You cried. You laughed. Once you found your BFF, you never had to face any first time alone ever again.

4. You’ve Been Called Siblings

“Is that your sister?” Everyone always asks you.

She’s not, even though she might as well be. You just look similar because you share your killer make-up and hair tips. And you spend so much time together because you’re stronger as a pair than you are solo.

No, blood doesn’t bond you. But something stronger does.

5. You Have A “Day We Met” Story

“So, it was a rainy day and we were having indoor recess…” you start, for the millionth time.

Not only do you know when you met your BFF, but you know what you were both wearing on that day. But, why wouldn’t you? The event had a major impact on your life, after all.

6. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

“Didn’t you just die that time…”

“Mr. Parker split his pants in front of the entire math class!” Your BFF finishes for you.

Annoying or not, you both do this—like, all the time. With so many mutual experiences under your belt, finishing each other’s sentences just comes naturally now.

8. You Did The Old-School Friend Stuff

“I listened to that mix-tape you made me the other day,” you tell your BFF during your thrice weekly phone conversation.

Much to your benefit, your friendship formed when note-passing and mix-tape making were still very much the things to do. And you have the box of notes and glove compartment full of rarely-used mix-tapes to prove it.

9. You Tell Each Other News First… Always

You wait anxiously for your BFF to pick up her phone. “I got a promotion,” you shout eagerly right before you hit post on your announcement Facebook status.

Why did you call your BFF first? Um, you had to! It’s basically a law. She has to know everything first. Always.

10. You Are Brutally Honest With Each Other

“I know you love him, but he’s a jerk,” you tell your BFF.

Why are you ragging on the new love of her life? Not because you want to, but because you have to. It’s friend code.

When you have a BFF, you don’t sugarcoat things. You tell it like it is. It’s better that way, really.

11. You Know Exactly What Compliments Your Friend Wants To Hear

“Those pants make your calves look amazing,” you tell your BFF as you meet up at the movies.

While it’s true that her calves look good…I guess… as far as calves go, this wasn’t what made you share that particular compliment. You said it because you know that that’s what she needed to hear. That was the particular compliment that would truly warm her heart. And, as a BFF, you’re in the business of warming hearts.

12. You Get Jealous

“No, I don’t mind if you see that movie with her instead of waiting for me,” you say… while, in your head, you’re screaming I MIND, OH I SO MIND.

Even though you know your BFF picks you time and time again, you get jealous on occasion. Why? Because this friendship is more important to you than any romantic relationship ever will be. It’s weird, but it’s normal.

13. You Don’t Keep Any Secrets

“I promise I won’t tell anyone,” you say, “well, except Jennifer. She’s my BFF. She doesn’t count.”

Anyone who knows anything knows that you don’t keep secrets from your one true friend. If they tell you, they’re telling her, too. That’s just how this best friend thing works.

14. You Know All Of Their Dietary Proclivities

16-things-you-only-do-if-you-have-a-bff-pin“She doesn’t like cantaloupe, cottage cheese, caramel or peppermint,” you tell your mutual acquaintance when she offers your BFF something to eat.

Sure, your best friend for life could have spoken up for herself, but why? She doesn’t have to. You know everything there is to know about what elements make up her diet… including her undying fondness for star crunch and Doritos 3D.

15. You Don’t Need Words To Communicate

“She’s mad at you because you took the seat she wanted,” your BFF tells a classmate.

Did you tell her this? Nope. You didn’t have to. She can see all. She knows what you’re thinking before you do. You’re connected on a level that makes communication without words possible.

16. You Can’t Stop Being Friends… It Would Be Too Dangerous

“Not that I would want to have a BFF break-up,” you tell your partner in crime, “but even if I did, I couldn’t. You have too much dirt on me!”

If you’re like most friends, this is entirely true. You shared the good, the bad, the ugly and maybe even the technically illegal. You’re stuck with each other… and that’s okay.

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By Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris is a qualified relationship and friendship coach. After studying in California, she started up her own friendship building business, where she helps clients to reconnect with others, making companions so that they no longer feel lonely. Lisa is passionate about helping others find happiness with a large client base of people that have made friends for life.

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