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15 Amazing Reasons Why It’s Fun Being Single

Many people put a huge emphasis on how it’s so important for people to be in romantic relationships. Although there are some definite perks associated with having a partner, it’s easy to prematurely overlook some of the great things about being single.

Sometimes, this is due to societal perceptions. Single people are often perceived by others to be perpetually lonely individuals, and sometimes there’s a view that they must only be single because there’s something undesirable about them. In reality, some single people live very fulfilling lives that are not characterized by loneliness any more than the life of a person who’s in a relationship. Furthermore, some people choose to be single, so they don’t just sit around and glumly wonder why they haven’t found ideal significant others. Keep reading to learn 15 compelling reasons why being single isn’t necessarily something to avoid, and how it can actually be enjoyable.

1. No Need To Hide Undesirable Habits

Maybe you like to eat straight from the ice cream container for comfort after a particularly bad day. However, that’s probably not a habit you’d like to regularly engage in until you’ve become very comfortable with a romantic partner. When you’re single, there’s no need to conceal habits that you feel may be seen as unattractive, because there’s no one to impress.

2. It’s Easier To Take Spontaneous Road Trips

When you’re in a relationship and want to hop in the car and take a weekend getaway, things become a little more complex. That’s because you can’t just be considerate of your own schedule, but have to take your partner’s into account. Maybe you’re off from work on Friday, but they have to work until the early afternoon. Then, unless you want to go on a solo trip and risk potentially causing offence, you’ll need to decide whether to wait until your partner’s off work to make your departure, or scrap your road trip plans altogether.

3. Cook Only For Yourself

Many people see cooking as a joyful, fulfilling activity, but it can become harder to manage when you’re whipping up meals for a partner, too. When you’re single and making or planning meals, it’s okay to just use your own favorite or preferred ingredients and only make as much as you know you can eat.

4. More Freedom In Terms Of The Future

A single person arguably has much more control over their future plans than someone who’s in a relationship. If you want to pack a suitcase and take a round-the-world trip, that’s your own decision. Huge life changes are usually much harder to successfully navigate when more than one person is involved.

5. Play Your Music As Loud As You Want

Whether you’re driving in the car or at home listening to music on a living room stereo, being single gives you more opportunities to listen only to the bands and artists you like rather than catering to your partner’s tastes. Furthermore, the volume level of the audio track is all up to you.

6. Enjoy Stretching Out On The Entire Bed

When you’re in a relationship that’s getting serious, there’s a good chance you’ll have to adjust to sharing your bed, for better or worse. That means adjusting to your partner’s sleeping habits, not to mention getting used to sharing the space. There’s no need to do either of those things regularly when you’re single. You choose if and when you share your bed in that case, but for people who are in relationships, sharing a bed is expected.

7. Get Engrossed In Your Favorite TV shows Without Being Judged

Many of today’s streaming media sites have reinforced our love of “binge watching” beloved TV shows. Without user feedback, some TV show episodes keep playing, one after the other, and gradually pull us in. When you’re in a relationship, there’s always the chance your partner might judge the length of your viewing sessions, not to mention the quality of the content. When you’re single, you can watch what you want, for as long as you desire.

8. More Money At Your Disposal

When you’re single, you’ll theoretically have more money to spend however you wish. Even when you’re with someone and have agreed to split expenses equally, being in a relationship usually means spending money for things like holiday gifts for your partner at the very least.

9. Going Out Or Staying In Is Your Choice

Disagreements can happen if you’re in a relationship and the two of you can’t see eye to eye while making plans. Maybe you want to go to a new nightclub and your partner would rather just have an evening in. Living the single life allows you to have sole decision-making authority and not worry about getting stressed by becoming involved in something you’d rather not do.

10. No Need To Ask Permission

Even if a partner allows you to have lots of independence, you’ll probably still get into the habit of asking them whether it’s okay for you to do a specific thing. When you’re single, your time is your own, and asking for permission isn’t necessary.

11. You Don’t Have To Give Status Updates

People who are in relationships are often expected to tell their partners once they’ve arrived at their destinations, how long they’ll be out, when they’re leaving work, and so on. Being single frees you from that expectation. The only exception might be if you’re traveling far away from home and want to let a trusted friend or family member know that you’ve safely arrived where you intended to go.

12. You Get To Avoid Getting To Know A Second Family

Becoming close with your partner usually means getting to know their family. Sometimes that means you form relationships with people who are truly great and add value to your life. In other cases, though, tolerating your partner’s family members can feel like a real chore. When you’re single, the only family-related responsibility you might feel you have to uphold is becoming or remaining close with your own family members.

13. More Time To Focus On You

Being single gives you a greater amount of time to do things such as learning a new skill or focusing on self-improvement by breaking bad habits. Relationships invariably require splitting time with others.

14. Keep Your House A Little Messy If You’d LikePin It

When in a relationship, you’re probably eager to keep the house as tidy as possible so the other person won’t think you’re a slob. If you’re single, that desire to keep up a certain image usually decreases.

15. Wear Whatever You Want

Being single gives you more control over what clothes to wear for certain occasions. When you have a partner, though, there’s more of a chance you’ll wear things that are preferred by them.

Hopefully this list of advantages related to the single life has given you valuable perspective. Furthermore, if you’re single now, perhaps these perks will help you feel more positive.

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By Heather Redwood
Heather Redwood graduated from Penn State University with a Speech Communication degree, and specializes in communication therapy. She has logged over 15,000 hours in one-to-one sessions with men and women, helping them to cope with codependency issues and love and sex addiction. She also specializes in online dating and marriage counselling.

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