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13 Tested Uses And Benefits Of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil comes from a type of citrus plant that is said to be a cross between an orange and a lemon. The oil itself is derived from the peel of the fruit that grows on the plant. Like many other plants, bergamot has many medicinal purposes, making it a useful thing to keep available in your home.

However, it’s always a good idea to discuss using bergamot oil with your doctor before giving it a try. This is especially important if you have other health conditions or are taking any medications. In the meantime, it’s also vital to know more about what bergamot can do for you so that you can make a choice that is both healthy and that aligns with your wants and needs.

Here are the top 13 uses for bergamot oil, many of which may be beneficial to you.


Experts say that bergamot oil can promote feelings of wellness, happiness and energy, making it valuable for treating depression and the many symptoms that go along with it. That includes feelings of hopelessness or sadness as well as anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Although bergamot oil can be beneficial for depression, it shouldn’t replace prescribed medications unless your doctor says it’s okay.

2.Stimulates Digestion

Bergamot oil can improve the secretion of hormones that deal with your metabolism. When that happens, it jump starts your digestion, helping to maintain a healthy balance of digestive juices, bile and insulin. This can help your weight by speeding a sluggish metabolism and make digestion more efficient and effective.

3.Gets Rid Of Infections

An infection occurs when bacteria or germs are introduced into an open injury on your body. There are many ways to take care of this problem, but bergamot oil is a natural remedy for killing infection-causing microbes. Not only can bergamot oil cure skin infections, but it can also cure infections of the kidneys, urinary tract and colon. You do this by drinking Earl Grey tea or by using the oil in a humidifier.

4.Relieves Stress

Stress is something that everyone deals with at some time or another in their life. Using bergamot oil can lower stress and leave you feeling more calm and relaxed. It does this by increasing your body’s production of serotonin and dopamine, both of which are hormones that make you feel good. Use the bergamot oil in a diffuser for the best results.

5.Helps Reduce Pain

Bergamot oil plays a role in hormonal secretions, which means that it can also lessen pain by releasing feel good hormones and lessening the sensitivity of your body’s nerves. It is especially useful for relieving pain associated with headaches, muscle sprains and general aches. You simply rub the bergamot oil into the painful area to find relief.

6.Reduces The Appearance Of Scars

Another benefit of bergamot oil is its potential to heal the skin. It works by evening the presence of melanin in your body, helping to even out your skin tone and causing scars to blend with the skin around it. All you have to do is gently rub the oil into the scar on a regular basis.

7.Speeds Digestion

Not only can bergamot oil make digestion more effective, but it can also speed it up. This is valuable for regulating your system, because it stimulates the muscle contractions that result in digestion. This also improves nutrient absorption throughout your digestive tract.

8.Reduces Body Odor

For people looking for a natural alternative to traditional deodorants, bergamot oil is an obvious solution. It aids in the prevention of germ growth, which helps inhibit body odor. You can wear the oil directly on your armpits or combine it with a regular deodorant. At the same time, you can use a couple of drops in a diffuser to get rid of odors and germs wafting through the air of your home.

9.Fights Fever

Because bergamot oil helps fight infections, it can really help bring down a fever associated with an infection. It works by elevating your hormones, which helps you sweat, thereby bringing your fever down. Check with a doctor before you try bergamot oil for bringing down a child’s fever.

10.Prevents Cavities

Bergamot oil can help prevent cavities due to its germ fighting properties. When used as a mouthwash, experts say that you can kill germs in your mouth and on your teeth that can lead to tooth decay in the form of cavities.

You can also add the oil to your toothpaste and brush as usual, or rub a couple of drops of bergamot oil directly on your teeth, allowing it to do its job as closely as possible.

11.Treats Intestinal Worms

A person can get intestinal worms for a variety of reasons, but bergamot oil is a natural way to kill them off and restore digestive health. When intestinal worms are not treated, it can lead to several nutrient deficiencies as well as anemia and other disorders caused by malnutrition.

For that reason, it’s best to treat them vigorously and as soon as possible after they are discovered. Experts suggest rubbing bergamot oil into both hands and then massaging it into your abdomen to help kill the intestinal worms.

12.Prevents Tetanus

Although most people have a tetanus shot, some let it lapse, lowering the amount of protection you get should you come into contact with something carrying the bacteria that causes it. Bergamot oil can help due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

In other words, the oil is powerful enough to kill the germs that cause tetanus and prevent the dangerous health complications that go with it. To benefit, simply rub a cotton ball soaked with a few drops of bergamot oil into the wounded area to prevent the infection.

13.Relieves Congestion

Congestion can occur due to the common cold, allergies and several other health issues. It makes it difficult to breathe, so breaking up the congestion is beneficial for making you more comfortable.

Add the oil to your vaporizer and it will help break up phlegm and mucus, allowing you to breathe easier. You can also gently massage the oil into your throat and chest to increase the benefits.

Bergamot oil is a valuable thing to keep on hand due to its many uses and benefits. It’s generally safe to use for most people, but experts caution against using for children or peoPin Itple with health issues without first clearing it with a doctor.

You can find bergamot oil at health food stores if you want to use it in its pure form. Most types of Earl Grey tea also contain bergamot oil, so keeping a box of it in your pantry gives you a quick and natural cure for many things that ail you.

If you notice any skin irritation when using bergamot oil, stop its use and consult a dermatologist. Likewise, if your condition doesn’t respond to the oil, or it gets worse, discontinue use and speak with your physician to come up with an alternative treatment. If you notice any signs of allergy after using bergamot oil, consult your doctor right away.

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