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12 Life-Altering Lessons That Can Be Learned From The Film “Frozen”

The Disney film, “Frozen,” which tells the story of two princesses named Anna and Elsa, captivated kids everywhere and perhaps made their parents feel as if they could remember every song and line of dialogue right along with their youngsters. Like most good movies geared towards young people, “Frozen” is packed with several life lessons that could be forever meaningful when people are willing to receive the principles and apply them to their lives. Below, we’ll look at several of them.

1. Accept People For Who They Are

Even though Elsa and Anna’s parents died, they still were able to do a great job of instilling values within their daughters. Specifically, they saw Elsa’s powers as a valuable trait. Although they decided it was best to keep her isolated until she could gain control over the powers, the royal parents still accepted their daughter for who she was, even though most kids her age didn’t have the same powers. Later in this list, we’ll see how despite Elsa’s parents accepting her, they, like most parents, weren’t perfect in their parenting.

2. Family Should Be A Focus

The plot of the movie centers around the fearless heroine, Anna, trekking through the snow to save Elsa, whose powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in a constant winter. Despite the odds, she becomes determined to see her quest to save Elsa through to the finish, demonstrating how her family matters to her. Far too often today, family relationships aren’t valued as much as they should be. However, in “Frozen,” they’re a main theme.

3. Regulating Emotions Is A Key Skill

As mentioned above, Elsa’s parents thought it best to keep her away from others until she learned to harness her powers. Unfortunately, Elsa was instructed to ignore her emotions and try to shove them down inside of her. That technique doesn’t work, and Elsa eventually realizes that she must regulate her emotions to keep her powers at bay, rather than avoid showing emotions at all.

4. Independence Is A Valuable Trait

In most Disney movies, the heroine is assisted by a handsome prince. In “Frozen,” however, that norm is turned upside down because Hans, the film’s most handsome character, turns out to be a villain. Rather than depending on her true love for a future husband, Anna stays true to her independence and understands it’s her true love for her sister that really matters.

5. Parents Aren’t Always Right

As mentioned above, Elsa and Anna’s parents truly love the young princesses, and they accept Elsa for who she is, despite her special powers. However, some of the advice they give her about hiding her emotions away was arguably not the best instruction to provide. Some people might even say it scarred her for life, in addition to sacrificing her development. That just goes to show that even loving parents make mistakes, because they’re human too.

6. Vulnerability Is Not Necessarily A Flaw

The film showcases many relationships between the characters that center on vulnerability. Being vulnerable is difficult, but showing that trait was important so that some of the film’s famous relationships could thrive. In the film, it’s clear that being honest in relationships is more important than coming across as perfect.

7. Always Be Yourself And Never Apologize For It

Anna is certainly an unconventional princess, and not just because she doesn’t end up with a handsome prince at the end of the film. She has a sweet but sassy attitude, which is reflected through the fact that she ends up punching Hans. One of Anna’s most admirable characteristics is that she lets herself shine through in every situation and never feels it’s necessary to apologize for her quirky traits.

8. It’s Never A Good Idea To Assume

Anna had no memory of the accident that caused her sister, Elsa to have to stay behind closed doors while learning to deal with her powers. As a result, she thought her sister was intentionally ignoring her. A major confrontation between the sisters brought clarity to the situation, but perhaps Anna should have asked Elsa about why she was locked away sooner instead of just assuming she knew the whole story.

9. People Are Forgiving

Even though Princess Elsa was the reason why Arendelle was stuck in winter, the kingdom’s residents welcomed her warmly once the seasonal fluctuations were restored to normal and she returned to Arendelle as the new queen. Elsa probably worried she’d get a chilly reception, but the reality shows how people are able and willing to forgive others, even if that means defying expectations.

10. Dream Big

Olaf, the lovable snowman, dreamed of experiencing the heat of the sun, not realizing it would eventually cause him to melt. Throughout the movie, he displays an impressive amount of optimism, which is something we could probably all use more of from time to time, depending on the circumstances. Even though Olaf didn’t know the consequences of his dream coming true, that didn’t make him any less motivated to envision the dream.

11. Relationships Require A Lot Of Effort

Throughout the movie, the relationship between Anna and Kristoff becomes stronger, but it didn’t happen overnight. Instead, their relationship grew as they tackled challenges together and lifted each other up even when things were tough. This principle proves that even though relationships often go smoothly for a while, they’re bound to hit rough patches. Those rough patches alone shouldn’t cause people to give up on the relationships entirely.

12. Planning Is Essential

Anna’s energetic spirit often means she does things a little haphazardly. Agreeing to marry a man she’d only known for a short time is just one example. Although this life lesson is not as obvious as some of the others on this list, there are a couple of themes in the movie that illustrate to viewers why it’s smart to plan things in advance and make very methodical decisions when possible.

These 12 life lessons contained within “Frozen” should help parents breathe sighs of relief if they’re growing weary of their youngsters watching the film several times a week or maPin Itybe even daily. A lot of today’s films that are geared towards kids are mostly just entertaining and lighthearted, but the great thing about “Frozen” is the story makes an effort to illuminate good things to know that could guide people for the rest of their lives.

The next time a young person in your life settles down to watch the film for what seems like the thousandth time, sit down next to him or her and see if you can spot all of these life lessons and even some others. Once you do that, chances are you’ll see the film as more than just a children’s pop culture phenomenon. It’s a film that’s as educational as it is fun.

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