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10 Ways To Say I Love You Without Uttering A Word

Whether you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops or you’re planning on waiting a bit to share how you feel, saying “I love you” comes with a lot of heart. To express your love fully you don’t always have to use those three little words.

There are plenty of ways to share your innermost feelings and emotions with the one you love through gestures, acts of kindness and thoughtful gifts. Even the look in your eyes can be enough for someone to know exactly how you feel. So while saying, “I love you” is an ideal way to get across what you want you to say, showing it adds a depth of emotion that makes it that much more meaningful.

1. Be The Opposite Of Selfish

It might go without saying, but one of the best ways to show that your significant other means a lot to you is to not be selfish! This simply means that whatever you do for yourself, do the same for them, too. For instance, if you are going to make a smoothie for yourself, make them one, too. Or, if you really think the kitchen could use a deep clean, get to scrubbing and surprise your partner with a beautifully cleaned place. Doing for others is key to showing love, caring and kindness.

2. Give A Mid-Week Surprise

This is a fun tip, and quite easy, too. Nobody expects an exciting surprise in the middle of the week. Usually weekends are saved for adventures, gifts and spoiling ourselves and the ones we love. That makes the middle of the week an awesome time to surprise the one you love. Bring their favorite meal to their workplace on a random busy Tuesday and share a meal with them. Get them their favorite chocolate treat for dessert on Wednesday for after dinner. Why not buy a little gift to give them on Thursday morning.

3. Check In On The Ones They Love

The one you love has those who are close to them: family, friends or neighbors. Calling those family members from time to time on your own accord showcases that you care about the same things and people as your significant other. Having a quick catch-up with their parent or grandparent can help you be closer to those they are close to, helping you feel deeper about each other. In addition, you might find you have more in common with their family than you realized! Forging deeper relationships with your partner and their family is a great way to show how much you care.

Forging deeper relationships with your partner and their family is a great way to show how much you care.

4. Always Be Ready For Them

It’s already clear that you need to be the opposite of selfish. But what you also need to be is ready for them and for whatever they need. This means anticipating their needs, no matter how small. For instance, if your partner is sick or has constant allergies, always have a few tissues in your pocket, at the ready. Or if they are constantly thirsty, have a water bottle in your bag to offer should they ever need it. These small acts show you care and that you are really paying attention to their needs, wants and desires.

5. Leave Them Love Notes

You might think this tip is a bit cheesy, but who said love is never cheesy? Leaving quick little love notes in your partner’s lunch, purse or briefcase every few days is a welcomed surprise. Let’s be honest; days at work can be long and hard, and having a surprise little pick me up in your bag can really brighten the day. The note doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out love poem or declaration. Just a quick note saying you’re thinking of them and can’t wait to see them again is enough to show your love.

6. Read Their Favorite Book

Reading a whole book might seem like a lot of work, but it is well worth it. Showing interest in your significant other’s interests can go a long way. It also helps you learn more about them and what makes them tick. Finding out their favorite book and reading it so you can share your thoughts with them can be a great bonding experience. They will also love sharing their thoughts on the book with you. Who knows, you might find yourself with a new favorite book while simultaneously showing your love to your partner.

7. The Best Type Of Hide And Seek

Hide and seek brings out the kid in all of us. But playing hide and seek with little gifts and love notes is a great twist on the kid’s game to play with your partner when you’re going to be away from home. Write a few love notes, and purchase a few little treats and gifts a few days before leaving for a short trip or when you know you’re going to be home very late. Leave these around the house in hidden locations where your partner wouldn’t normally look. Throughout the night or days that you are away, send little clues via text or email telling them where to find your little tokens of love.

8. Plan Something Special

Planning a whole vacation might not be something you can do because of time or money constraints. But planning a little day trip to a nearby theme park or a walk at a nearby mountain is enough to show you care. Saying, “I love you” by going out of your way to research a fun day trip can add a little spice and fun not only to your weekend, but to your relationship, too. Your partner will appreciate the thought, no matter the activity. Top it off with a nice dinner out at their favorite restaurant for the perfect end to an extra special day.

10-Ways-To-Say-I-Love-You-Without-Uttering-A-Word-pin9. Flowers Vs. Plants

Buying flowers is a great gesture of love. But fresh flowers die eventually, right? Some people opt for beautiful bouquets of silk flowers, but you can do one better. Get a plant for your partner! A plant is something that lives longer and needs taken care of. You can take care of the plant together, having a constant reminder of the little gift of love you gave. You can get a plant that is their favorite color or one that goes perfectly in a beautiful pot they have – something to make the plant unique.

10. To The Future

A clever way to show you care is to write a letter to your partner, but not let them read it until some time has passed. This is actually something you can do together if you want, or it can be a gesture you partake on your own. The letter can explain how you feel at that moment and what you hope will happen over time. It can list your hopes and dreams for yourself, for them, and for your relationship. Let them know you did this and where the letter will be kept for safekeeping until it’s time to open it. This gesture will surely say, “I love you” in so many ways.

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