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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Taking A Snooze

Napping is an indulgence that many people partake in from time to time, particularly when one does not feel fully rested from the previous night’s sleep.

If you find yourself napping on a regular basis, then you may be worried about disrupting your sleep cycles, even if you only nap for a brief period. However, research shows that napping not only feels enjoyable, it’s also good for you in a variety of ways. So do not feel guilty about taking that snooze.

Instead, learn about 10 key benefits that napping provides for your mental and physical health. A daily nap of around 30 to 90 minutes in duration might be all that you need to elevate your wellbeing!

1. Increased Productivity

When you work nonstop for several hours in a row, you may find that your mind feels over-stimulated, cluttered and disorganized. Take the time to nap for a bit, and upon waking up, your brain will once again be clear, focused and primed for productive activity.

2. Improved Cognitive Health

A study has shown that both short and long naps result in a strengthening of cognitive performance for significant periods after wakefulness has been restored. Consider an early afternoon nap if you need a boost in critical thinking, processing, analyzing and other skills related to cognition.

3. Stabilized Mood

If the quality or quantity of your nightly sleep is lacking, then you are at risk for experiencing irritability, frustration and other negative mood-related traits as you try to go about your day. Grab a brief nap in order to rest your mind, prevent mood swings and feel more balanced.

4. Sharpened Memory

Take a nap that lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes for an easy and efficient way to enhance several mental processes related to memory, including perceptual and motor learning. Evidence of this is outlined in a study that compared napping’s effects on memory to those of caffeine and a placebo.

5. Elevated Creativity

Working in a creative field requires your mind to be fresh and innovative, and one effective way to increase your creativity naturally is to take a moderate-length daily nap. Try snoozing for an hour to an hour-and-a-half so that your mind can move through all of the sleep cycles.

6. Balanced Sleep Cycles

Establishing a regular napping routine every day can have a positive effect on your nightly routine as well. Rest at the same time and for the same duration each day so that your mind and body can prepare itself for a balanced, restful and regular sleep routine every evening.

7. Optimal Alertness

Sleep is vital for achieving and maintaining alertness in general, and a daily nap can further improve this mental function, allowing for greater concentration while working on tasks. If your sleep has been restricted for one reason or another, use a nap as “recovery sleep” to maximize alertness.

8. Stress Reduction

Everyone suffers from stress and over-worked nerves periodically, and when this happens during the day, a nap can offer you the perfect time-out from tension. Remove yourself from the source of your stress and doze off; you will feel more relaxed and calm upon waking.

9. Recharged Energy

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing a quick jolt of energy to finish off all of the tasks on your daily schedule. Indulge in the “power-nap” in this situation, and you will be surprised at how a small amount of sleep can help to recharge your mental processes.

Pin It10. Relief From Exhaustion

Nightly sleep and daily naps are, in the most basic form, a relief from feelings of tiredness and fatigue. When you are particularly exhausted, make sure to fit a 30-minute nap into your schedule as a method for promoting wakefulness and a high-performing mind.

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