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10 Instant Ways To Improve Your Life

At one time or another, nearly all people experience dissatisfaction with their present life circumstances and wonder what can be done to improve their overall outlook. If you are finding yourself in this situation, keep in mind that the key to improving your existence as soon as possible is to take stock of any negative thoughts, behaviors or actions that you put out into the world at large.

Although altering external events and other people’s perspectives is not within your power, you do have the ability to adjust your own mindset so that positive energy replaces self-defeating habits. Consider the following ten instant ways to improve your life, and take an active role in achieving greater authenticity, balance, success and happiness.

1. Be Open-Minded Toward Others, And Don’t Put People In A Box

Making snap judgments about people you encounter and stereotyping people according to your own preconceived notions can easily breed feelings of negativity within your own life. Just as you would not wish to be categorized or criticized by others based on superficial factors such as looks, career, finances and family background, take care to keep an open mind toward everyone you meet. Get to know another individual on an authentic level in order to understand his or her heart and spirit. This helps to alleviate roadblocks on your life path caused by jealousy, fear, superiority or intimidation.

2. Focus On A Series Of Small, Attainable Ambitions

Life gets overwhelming quickly for many people who set lofty, far-reaching goals for themselves and find that they consistently fall short. While it is admirable to have ambitions and to set a general direction for your life path, putting pressure on yourself to complete several large tasks within a short amount of time could cause you to end up feeling overworked, frustrated and disheartened. Live a more accomplished and less hectic life by setting one realistic short-term goal at a time and then moving on to the next one after you achieve it. For example, don’t try to paint your entire house in three hours. Aim for completing one or two rooms per day.

3. Release Lingering Feelings Over Past Events

Nearly everyone has experienced more than one event in the past that had a negative outcome, whether it was job loss, a failed relationship or a missed opportunity. However, while some are able to process past events effectively and move on from them productively, others get stuck in a cycle of allowing regret, shame, insecurity and other emotions tied to a long-ago event cloud their present life. If the past is impeding your progress, consider mindful meditation as a way to release lingering frustrations. Direct your energy to the here and now.

4. Go Easy On Yourself, And Don’t Worry About Being Perfect

If your existence is an unhappy one due to you being your very worst critic, one instant way to get back on the right track is to simply go easier on yourself. Not only does no one expect you to be perfect at all times, but the idea that anyone can achieve total perfection is one that invariably results in disappointment. Strive to be a good person by treating others well, being productive, forming close bonds and caring for yourself. You don’t have to have the top score in order to have value.

5. Channel Your Passions Into Work Or A Hobby

A life devoid of personal fulfillment and enjoyment is one that can greatly benefit from the introduction of a meaningful hobby or project. Improve the quality of your life by making a list of what your greatest interests and passions are and choosing one or two to pursue on a more committed basis. If you enjoy animals, volunteer at a local pet shelter. If you are a good bowler, find a league to join and participate in weekly games. Combine career smarts and artistic talent by starting a home crafting business.

6. Sleep Longer At Night To Improve Productivity In The Daytime

A consistent lack of proper sleep is enough on its own to cause feelings of irritability, lethargy and lack of energy for life in many people. Even if you generally sleep every night for six to seven hours or so, this might not be enough to enhance your daily productivity and boost your enthusiasm to optimal levels. Try adding an extra hour of sleep to your routine on a regular basis. You might just find that being well-rested is the simple solution to seeking a better overall human experience.

7. Look After Your Mental And Spiritual Health

Neglecting life issues related to mental illness and a lack of spiritual connection can make day-to-day functioning extremely difficult to navigate. Avoid being overwhelmed by depression, anxiety and unstable emotions by exploring remedies such as meditation, natural supplements that boost brain function and counseling with a trusted mentor. For people of all religious beliefs, failing to foster a relationship with the world on a spiritual level can easily lead to discontentment and a lack of fulfillment. Read books on your faith of choice, talk with an adviser or guru, and observe moments of silent reflection.

8. Value Your Body Through Activity, Nourishment And Care

Just as fortifying your mental and spiritual existence is vital to an improved life, taking the time to care for your physical body to the best of your ability helps to give your existence a worthwhile quality. You need not make drastic changes in order to maximize your bodily functioning; pay attention to eating healthful food, drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise and practicing good hygienic habits. Treat your body with the respect that it deserves, and you can easily look better, feel better and enjoy life more authentically.

9. Don’t Internalize Others’ Actions, And Keep Your Emotions In Check

It is easy to allow the hurtful, confusing or disagreeable actions of people with whom you interact to affect your own emotions and behaviors. However, giving others the power to influence your personal level of happiness all too often leads to doubting your abilities and worth. Recognize that while you cannot control how another individual treats you, you can control how yoPin Itu react and you can choose to not internalize negative communications. Keep your emotions on an even keel, and remind yourself that others’ judgments are tied to their own shortcomings, not yours.

10. Approach Every Situation With An Optimistic Mindset And Attitude

The power of positive thinking can go a long way toward helping you view your life through a more hopeful lens than the one you might currently possess. Even if you are not naturally inclined to have an optimistic personality, strive to approach every aspect of your existence with a positive attitude. Avoid convincing yourself that you are doomed to fail; instead, equip yourself with mantras that motivate you to be the best that you are able to be. Seek encouragement and support from loved ones as well.

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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