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10 Important Life Lessons Learnt From Disney Movies

Disney movies not only pack a lot of fun and entertainment for kids as well as adults, but also contain valuable life lessons.

It is easy for children to get caught up in all the magic, mystery and catchy songs of the movies, but beneath it all are stories that even adults can take to heart. Take a look at some of the important life lessons that are taught by the characters in just some of our favorite Disney movies.

1. Always Believe In Yourself – Aladdin

Although seen as riff-raff and a street rat by others, Aladdin knows that if people look closer they would find out that there is so much more to him than just being a poor boy.

This classic tale of a street-urchin who falls in love with a princess teaches us that we don’t have to pretend to be someone we are not in order to win the love of someone else. Through the course of the movie Aladdin discovers that it is not money or power that makes the princess fall in love with him, but his personality.

2. Friends Can Help You Get Through Tough Times – Big Hero 6

Hiro Hamada, the protagonist of Big Hero 6 experiences a terrible loss at the start of the movie, but with the help of friends manages to work through his feelings. In the end the group of friends forms a tight bond that enables them to overcome insurmountable odds.

Despite not being born with any super powers the group doesn’t hesitate to step up when their friend needs them, and it is this support that allows them to triumph over adversity.

Without the support of his friends Hiro would have succumbed to the pitfalls of revenge, but by allowing his friends to be there for him he ultimately emerges as a stronger person despite his loss.

3. Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go Of The Past – Frozen

Constantly worrying about all the challenges in life is not healthy and neither is letting the past control your future. In the movie, Frozen, Elsa discovers her true inner power when she stops trying to be the good girl everyone always expects her to be and decides that the past is the past.

Learning to let go of the bad things in life allows us to focus on the future and be free. This doesn’t mean we should not learn from our mistakes, but holding on to every little thing that is bad is no way to live.

4. Never Underestimate Your Own Value – Wreck It Ralph

In Wreck It Ralph the lead character actually plays the villain in his own arcade game. Because he feels like he is not getting the appreciation or recognition that he deserves Ralph leaves the game in the hopes of becoming a hero elsewhere.

However, without Ralph in the game it is unplayable, which places all the other characters at risk of being unplugged. Sometimes it can feel like what we do is meaningless or insignificant until we learn to see the bigger picture and realize how valuable our contributions really are.

This movie teaches us that our jobs do not have to define us, and even if we cannot all be the hero, it doesn’t mean what we do is not important.

5. Have The Courage To Follow Your Dreams – Brave

Sometimes it takes courage to defy the expectations that others have of us and choose our own path in life, but the rewards are worth it. In Brave, Merida listened to her heart instead of following tradition, and while it required hard work and bravery it ultimately took her to happiness.

From Brave we can learn that instead of resigning ourselves to fate, we can take charge of our own destiny as long as we have the courage to do so.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Tangled

In Tangled, Rapunzel is kidnapped and locked in a tower by the evil Mother Gothel. Although Rapunzel longs to explore the world outside her window, she is too scared because of the stories told to her by Gothel.

Just like Rapunzel we are often too afraid to step outside of our comfort zones despite all the opportunities that are available. It is only when Rapunzel gathers up her courage and leaves the tower that she truly experiences life for the first time.

So, venture outside your comfort zone, as the rewards are definitely worth it.

7. Sometimes Making Your Dreams Come True Requires Hard Work – The Princess And The Frog

Like most of the other Disney princesses, Tiana has a dream, but she is not just sitting around and wishing for it to come true. Instead, she knows exactly what she wants and is willing to work hard to get it.

Even with all the obstacles in her way she never takes her eyes off her goal or gives up. All of us have dreams and aspirations, but too often we are content with wishing that these would come true instead of actually doing something to make it happen. It might not always be easy and will probably require hard work, but dreams can come true.

8. Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold – Up

In Up, Charles Munts meets Ellie and after a lifelong friendship the two become married. Although they promise each other that they would one day travel to Paradise Falls together to build their house, it never happens. When Ellie passes away, a lonely Charles is left with the regret of never following through on their dream.

In real life there are many things that make demands on our time and come between us and our dreams, but it is important not to put them on hold. Charles eventually finds the motivation to make his dream become a reality, but too many people put their dreams aside until it is too late.

9. Looks Aren’t Everything – The Little Mermaid

In The Little Mermaid, the protagonist Ariel thinks that simply having legs is all that she needs to live in the human world and have the prince fall in love with her. She then sacrifices one of her greatest talents, her voice, for legs, but discovers that it isn’t enough to charm the prince.

Without her voice Ariel cannot communicate with the prince, and he ends up falling for someone else. In real life we often think that all we need to fit in or find love is to be beautiful, but our personalities are what really matters.

Pin It10. Don’t Judge People Before You Get To Know Them – Monsters Inc

In Monsters Inc., Sully and Mike believe that human children are lethally toxic, which makes them terrified of a young girl who sneaks into their world. However, after spending time with the girl the two monsters discover that she is harmless.

It is easy to judge people based on their appearance, but take the time to get to know them first and you might just be surprised.

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