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10 Herbal Teas For Healing Goodness

Many people enjoy including a cup or two of herbal tea as part of their daily routines. Served hot or chilled, these teas are not only soothing and flavorful, but also derived from health-boosting plant extracts that naturally enhance your well-being and promote healing.

If you are experiencing one of the health complications that affect people on a common basis, you can readily seek help from an herbal tea with demonstrated healing properties in accordance with research studies.

Consider keeping the ten teas described below in your household as delicious, natural and convenient remedies for certain ailments.

1. Chamomile Tea

Herb properties: With its subtle, apple-like flavor, chamomile is a popular herbal tea selection. The flowers of the chamomile plant produce a mildly sedating effect that relaxes you as you heal from illness.

Health benefits: Chamomile tea eases tense stomach muscles, helping to alleviate irritable bowels, indigestion and nausea. This tea is also useful for reducing anxiety, soothing throat inflammation and managing some type 2 diabetes complications.

2. Lemon Balm Tea

Herb properties: An herb that thrives in warm weather, lemon balm has both a citrus and minty flavor. Its anti-viral properties were valued in past centuries for healing conditions such as mumps.

Health benefits: In modern times, many people drink lemon balm tea to promote restfulness, ease heartburn and nausea, improve sleep quality and treat headaches. The tea also lowers stress and elevates mood.

3. Thyme Tea

Herb properties: A savory herb in the mint family, thyme has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. A cup of thyme tea provides natural relief from various ailments of the lungs and sinuses.

Health benefits: You can prepare this tea for use as a cough suppressant when afflicted with sinus inflammation and pressure, the common cold and bronchitis. Thyme is beneficial for children and adults.

4. Goldenseal Tea

Herb properties: Goldenseal naturally contains berberine, a chemical that aids the immune system in fighting various diseases. This multi-purpose herb, which is part of the buttercup family, produces anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic effects.

Health benefits: Goldenseal tea helps to heal conditions including respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, menstrual discomfort, constipation, ulcers and gastritis. It is beneficial for soothing skin infections and has been studied for treating MRSA.

5. Peppermint Tea

Herb properties: Not only does menthol give peppermint an invigorating flavor, but it is also a highly effective ingredient for healing digestive pains. The peppermint herb is antispasmodic in nature as well.

Health benefits: Indigestion, nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting and gas are among the digestive issues that peppermint tea can relieve. The herb is also studied for treating congestion, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

6. Cinnamon Tea

Herb properties: Spicy cinnamon, derived from tree bark, is rich in antioxidants and helps your immune system to perform at optimal function. This herb fights against fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

Health benefits: Prepare yourself some cinnamon tea when you wish to improve your blood circulation or heal symptoms of nausea, indigestion and other common ailments. Cinnamon may also benefit your cholesterol levels.

7. Passionflower Tea

Herb properties: All components of the passionflower plant, including the vine, leaves and flowering blooms, can be integrated into herbal preparations that act as sedatives for healing stress and sleep troubles.

Health benefits: Passionflower tea provides gentle yet effective treatment for insomnia and works to reduce anxiety related to various conditions. Passionflower’s sedating qualities can be effective for people who fear dental treatments.

8. Dandelion Tea

Herb properties: A good source of potassium, dandelion root serves as an herbal digestive aid as well as a blood purifier. Dandelion teas may have natural anti-inflammatory, laxative and antimicrobial properties.

Health benefits: This herbal tea helps to keep organ systems such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas and gall bladder functioning in their capacity to cleanse your body of impurities. It also reduces water retention.

9. Echinacea Tea

Herb properties: Echinacea, with its powerful purple flowers and leaves, is another herb with a range of healing purposes. You can drink echinacea tea as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial remedy.

Health benefits: Often used as a common cold reliever, echinacea is also known to lower the risk of respiratory infection complications. This herbal tea boosts immunity through its antioxidant components.

Pin It10. Clove Tea

Herb properties: A richly flavored spice, clove promotes healing from all types of infections and also possesses analgesic and antioxidant properties. In tea form, clove works effectively to clear mucous and congestion.

Health benefits: Try clove tea to ease pain, particularly that which stems from toothaches, strep throat, respiratory infections and tonsillitis. Clove oil has been studied for its benefits regarding oral fungal infections.

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By Dr. Michael Richardson
Passionate about sharing the latest scientifically sound health, fitness and nutrition advice and information, Dr Richardson received his Master of Science in Nutrition from New York University, and a Bachelor Degree from New Jersey University. He has since gone on to specialize in sports nutrition, weight management and helping his patients to heal physical ailments by making changes to their eating habits and lifestyles.

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