Video: Your Body Language Is Constantly Changing The Way You See Yourself—Not Just Others

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If you’re at all interested in popular psychology, you’ll know that looking at body language is an effective way to assess the underlying mental states and emotions of other people—even ones they don’t intend to communicate.

For example, a colleague might cross their arms when feelings defensive, and someone who finds you attractive might find themselves flirtatiously playing with their hair without even meaning to.

However, social psychologist Amy Cuddy is here to explain that body language also plays a key role in determining not just how we view others, but how we see ourselves.

This means that you may be accidentally undermining your own confidence or self-esteem by practicing certain body language habits, which could have an impact on everything from job performance to success in the dating sphere.

She lucidly explains how different postures and stances even influence the production of certain neurotransmitters and hormones, having a direct impact on mood.

The good news, Cuddy reassures, is that by becoming more conscious of our body language, we can learn to change it—getting rid of body language that facilitates insecurity, and fostering new body language habits that can reshape our underlying beliefs about our success, confidence and value.

In particular, she’ll teach how you to adopt the “power pose.” It’s a way of holding your body that triggers testosterone production and influences cortisol, immediately giving you a surge of Pin Itconfidence and making you seem more self-assured.

So, after watching Cuddy’s video, you’ll have all the tools you need to feel great and perform fantastically in your next job interview or presentation. Just try it—the power pose is even more effective than you might imagine!

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