You Really Can Have It All With These 4 Hints For A Great Family And Career

While the era of at least one parent staying at home with the kids all the time has long since passed us, we’re still not so sure on whether you can have a great career and happy family at the same time.

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The common myth is that is has to be one or the other, but we’re certainly learning that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Read on for some tips on how to have it all: a wonderful family and a successful career.

Stop Feeling So Guilty

It’s easy to feel guilty when you’re at work and the kids are with the sitter or a relative, but you’ve got to learn to let go of that way of thinking. Having a great career also benefits your kids in ways you’re probably not even considering, from giving them advantages to securing the family’s financial future.

Focus on how your work is benefiting your family when you’re feeling guilty about the time spent away from home. Think about the benefits from your hard work, such as being able to save for your child’s college or pay for his or her hobbies.

Accept that while not every day is going to go perfectly, you’re doing the best that you can to provide for them and make everyone’s lives better.

Begin The Day Right

You can actually spend quality time with your family in just the little moments, like the time you’re all together in the morning before the adults are off to work and the kids are off to school or daycare.

But in order to achieve that, your mornings need to be organized and as stress-free as possible.

Have all the clothes needed for the next day laid out the night before. Make sure briefcases, backpacks, all that is needed in the morning, is ready to go the night before, as well. Pack lunches, check homework and do whatever you possibly can for the next morning at night.

By taking care of all the mundane morning tasks and worries ahead of time, you can have a more relaxed morning and even spend some time with your family at breakfast instead of running around.

Make A Calendar

A family calendar serves as an organizer for everyone in the house, keeping you all informed about each other’s day and on top of dates and events. Once the calendar is set for the week, have the entire family spend a little time reviewing it on Sunday night to reduce any confusion.

Get a large calendar and hang it on a wall that everyone passes by, such as in your kitchen. Attach it to a corkboard if you want to leave room for notes. Tell everyone in the family that all events, doctor’s appointments and other need-to-know things should be written on the calendar.

If your kids are going to be writing on the calendar, too, make sure it’s at a low enough height for them to reach.

Stay Connected

Pin ItWhile not always easy, you can stay connected with your family throughout the day using today’s technology. Use your smartphones, tablets and the other electronics at your disposal to keep in touch with family members. Have someone record events you can’t attend, such as your child’s concert, and make it a point to watch it as soon as you can, together if possible.

Record messages for younger children in daycare or at a relative’s, and ask if it can be played for them at times when they miss you throughout the day or when you’re away on business trips.

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