Video: Why You Should Marry Your Soulmate

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If you’re a single, successful woman, you probably already know that you don’t need a partner in order to survive and thrive. While your self-sufficiency is laudable and will help to ensure that you never depend on someone else for your happiness, personal growth and romance guru Arielle Ford is here to tell you why the latest scientific research shows that you should go ahead and get married anyway.

As it turns out, happily married woman enjoy benefits that influence not just emotional well-being but also physical health. If you’re eating fresh food, exercising and doing all you can to stay active well into older age, it’s worth adding marriage to your list of goals if you want to extend your life.

Ford not only explains this research, but also explores how marriage impacts on men and considers some of the other ways in which you can benefit from having a long-term partner. There are even financial reasons why it might be better to get married!

So if you’ve ever doubted the worth of marriage or told yourself you don’t need a partner, watch this short video—it may just change your perspective forever.

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