Video: Why Meditation Will Soon Be As Common And Ubiquitous As Brushing Your Teeth

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The benefits of meditation are being discussed everywhere, with advocates enthusiastically noting that regular mindfulness exercises (and similar practices) can help to do everything from decreasing stress response to increasing everyday enjoyment of life. Neurological studies even show measurable changes in brain structure and function that explain the apparent benefits of meditation.

In this fascinating video, Dan Harris explains some of these neurological findings and discusses why he believes that meditation will one day be as commonly prescribed and practice as everyday habits we take for granted—like brushing our teeth, or taking a shower.

Harris himself turned to meditation after he had a panic attack live on air and new that he had to do something to take control of his stress and anxiety. Boasting a much-improved life and a visibly happier demeanor, he’s a clear advert for the power of meditation.

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As you watch Harris, you’ll come to question the common assumption that our happiness and well-being is in large part up to chance. He firmly believes that meditation as a part of taking control Pin Itof your destiny, and the being happy is actually like other life skills that are more traditionally viewed as teachable or amendable. This is the perfect video to watch if you’re wondering about just why meditation is so effective, or if you’re feeling low and starting to worry that there’s nothing you can do to get your life back on track. Harris is proof that just ten minutes of focus each day can enhance your resilience in ways that lead to a better, more fulfilled life.

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