Why Insecurities Are Normal And How To Believe In You

In most cases, everyone has something they are insecure about in life, but the reality of the matter is no one is perfect.

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That’s the beauty to life; if we were all perfect, there would be no drive in life. Think about it; if everybody was perfect at what they did, there would be no struggle; no drive to do better. Everyone would simply fall into the same routine.

In many cases today, people think they are not cut out for the job, or they just aren’t up to par in the eyes of others. If you have ever been nervous about a job interview or going out on a date with someone new, don’t be.

When it comes down to it, believe it or not, the people around us that we are seemingly trying to impress, have the same insecurities that we face everyday.

So what if you’re not perfect? No one is and they never will be! You have to show integrity with yourself and stay true to who you really are. If you are dating someone and you struggle with this person and are constantly trying to make him or her happy, but you sacrifice not being yourself, then it is simply not meant to be.

If you go for the job interview and they are excited to have to as a part of their team, then congratulations! If you’re not, then so what. You haven’t lost anything, you simply gained the experience and put yourself out there, making you a stronger and more knowledgeable person .

Maybe, just maybe that job you wanted so badly wasn’t really for you, or if you still want it bad enough ask questions such as, “What can I improve on?” Or, “How can I better prepare myself for next time?”

Always look at the positives over the negative. Use every experience in life as a way to further better yourself and grow. Balance will always be a key player in your life; if we are living a happy, healthy, and balanced life, then everything else will fall into place.

Most importantly, you have to be comfortable with yourself. Would you buy something from someone who didn’t know anything about what they were selling? I know I wouldn’t.

So essentially, you have to know yourself and your skills before you can go and persuade someone into hiring you for that perfect job. Instead of trying to live up to the expectations of society and what people around you think, try something new out and just be YOU.

If your so-called friends don’t like it, then re-analyze who your friends are. The people who are meant to be in your life will always be there for you. Sometimes you may find that your group of “friends” may not be there for you at all.

At first this may be difficult, but once you find your true self and are comfortable in your own skin, you will find yourself engulfed in a whole n
ew world of happiness. New, like-minded people will enter your life and the past friends may leave it too.

Pin ItSometimes we need to remove the old, negative factors and people that make us unhappy to make room for the more inviting, positive things in our life. What really matters is you keep your integrity and stay 100% you all the time.

Growing with every change and taking away a lesson from every situation you encounter is an important aspect of moving forward and not backwards in life. It’s like they say, “one step forward and two steps back”; with every step forward, you will face a new challenge; maybe putting you two steps behind. If you were to look at it in a positive way, every new lesson you encounter, you become stronger and more knowledgeable; this is key to a future of success and happiness.

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