Video: Why Did A Cinema Hand Out Impossible To Open Bottles Of Water

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The Water Project recently ran an unusual promotion in one of the Los Angeles cinemas. To raise awareness about the lack of access to clean water in many countries, they handed out free bottles of water to visitors. But the bottles were impossible to open.

As you can imagine people started to get frustrated when they couldn’t open them. This is when the following words came up on the screen: “If you think it’s frustrating to make a little effort to drink water, just imagine how these kids feel.” The message was followed by a collection of videos of children trying to access clean water in poor counties.

The thing is that in most developing countries it is primarily women’s and children’s responsibility to find clean water, collect it and carry it home. And it is an incredibly hard task.

Pin ItMoreover, only 1 out of 9 people don’t lack access to clean drinking water around the world. The rest 750 million do. Which means that millions of children suffering from water-related illnesses.

So if you are thinking what your next random act of kindness should be, consider donating to one of the charities trying to deliver clean water and sanitation solutions to places where they are needed.

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