Video: Sons Are Texting During Dinner. Dad’s Reaction Is Priceless!

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This funny short film shows how the dad has to get creative when his kids are too busy texting at the dinner table to pass the salt. And the kid’s reaction is priceless as well.Pin It

I think everyone has that friend who is always on his phone. Texting, Twittering, Facebook chatting, Instagramming every single thing that happens. And not really being present in the moment with you. Well this video shows a great way to get their attention once and for all. Watch the much unexpected end to the video that will surely make you laugh.

The video although being absolutely hilarious and grotesque also makes us stop for a second and think about the message – overuse of technology is ruining the precious moment we have with our friends and family. We all can relate to this problem, so no wonder that this video, created by the filmmaker Matthew Abeler, not only went viral but also won the Best Comedy Award at the 2014 Five16 Film Festival.

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