Video: Why Self-Confidence Is The Most Important Skill You Can Ever Have

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If you don’t identify as a particularly confident person, you might have come to accept this part of yourself—along with the fact that you probably miss certain opportunities as a result.

While it’s fantastic to value your unique personality and love all aspects of yourself, there are smart, simple ways to build self-confidence—and the acquisition of that confidence may be more important than you ever realized.

Dr. Ivan Joseph is the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University. In this TEDx talk, he explores why self-confidence is actually the most significant tool you can ever have in your arsenal.

When recruiting, the key trait he’s actually looking for is not actually strength, agility or speed. Rather, it’s self-confidence. As he lucidly explains not just why it matters in sports, but also why it matters in absolutely every part of your life.

Pin ItCrucially, Dr. Joseph turns (in the latter half of his presentation) to the question of how we might approach increasing self-confidence. He looks at how crucial it is to stay away from people who erode your self-esteem and bring you down, and considers how focusing on the times you do things right can totally change your self-perception.

This is an energetic, inspiring talk that you don’t want to miss.

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