Video: The Neuroscience Behind The Powerful Impact Of Meditation

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By now, almost everyone has heard that the health benefits of meditation (for both mind and body) are fully supported by science. You may already have tried simple mindfulness exercises that focus on the breathing, or perhaps you’re even a meditation aficionado who spends time on more complex meditative journeys every day. However, do you actually know what meditation does to the brain, and why it might be thought to be so important?

In this TEDx talk by neuroscientist Sara Lazar, you’ll discover that meditation actually reshapes the human brain—even changing its physical size. Some truly remarkable adaptations result, leading to better memory, more compassion, and an enhanced ability to tackle stressful or challenging situations.

An increasingly impressive body of evidence is suggesting that everyone should meditate if they want to live more fulfilled lives and perform better in everything from their love lives to their careers.

If you’ve already taken up meditation, this video is sure to convince you that you’re doing the right thing (and may help you to notice some of the amazing ways in which the practice is already Pin Itchanging your emotional life and your responses to stress).

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet made time for meditation in your life, learning about these neurological benefits may just be the push that you need to start setting aside a portion of your day for meditation.

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