Video: What Does Being A Mother Mean?

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It is hard to explain what being a mom is. The meaning of this word is endless.

Being a mom means loving a person before he is born. It’s taking care of that person and loving him unconditionally. It’s protecting that little human being from the whole world. It’s nights without sleep. It’s taking care of endless scrapes and scratches. It’s teaching him how to talk, walk and run. Read, write and ride a bike.

It’s telling him off when he plays the ball in the house or talks to strangers. It’s helping him with homework 1Article-Pin-It-Image---Large-landscape-Optimisedand being there when he cries out “Mommy, watch me!”. It’s sacrificing your own wants and needs for his. It’s reading bedtime stories. It’s listening and giving advice. It’s being the person he will share his secrets with. It’s worrying about him and being happy for him. It’s being woken up when he crawls into your bed to be closer to you.

It’s laughing together and crying together. It’s teaching him that he is smart and capable. It’s supporting his dreams and helping him in every way possible. It’s being proud of his achievements. It’s having a powerful bond that cannot be described. It’s being his best friend. It’s beautiful.

What does being a mother mean to you?

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