Video: Is It Healthy To Skip Meals?

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Feeling tempted to lose some weight by skipping a meal or two? Seems like it is easier to just not have lunch during a busy day at work?

Before you do, consider these 4 proven negative consequences of skipping meals.

1. Low Energy.

When you skip a meal your blood sugar drops. Your body doesn’t have enough fuel to run on. You start having trouble concentrating and feel tired and foggy. This, of course, leads to worse performance both at work and life in general.

2. Mood Swings.

Your mood plummets along with your energy. You become irritable and much less fun. “Hanger” is actually a survival mechanism that has served humans well back in the day.

3. Lowered Nutrition.

Skipping meals also results in your body not getting enough vitamins and minerals, which are vital for many body processes. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to eat well-balanced meals every day. Plus, not getting the essential nutrients makes your skin, hair and nails look worse.

4. You’re Much More Likely To Overeat (and gain weight too).

Pin ItIt’s simple – the less you eat the hungrier you get. So if you deny yourself food now, the next time you give in you will end up overeating. This is a fast-now, binge-later effect.

Our advice to you: Don’t wait until you starve to eat – turn to healthier meals and snacks instead. Preparing you meals for a week ahead and having healthy snacks in your fridge at all times can help.

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