Video: Do You Make 1 Million Dollars A Year? This 9-Year-Old Does

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9-year-old Evan makes a million dollars a year. Watch the video and you will understand why.

What was your dream job when you were a child?

A fireman, a lead singer in a rock band, an actor, a police officer?

Now think of what you actually did as a child to make money? Ran a lemonade stand? Mowed the lawn? Washed the neighbour’s car? Cleaned your room?

Well this kid thought of something much-much better. He opens toys.Pin It

Yes, you got it right. Opens toys. His own. And reviews them. In fact his official job title is a toy reviewer. He has his own YouTube channel which at the moment has more than 1 million subscribers and a total of 1 billion views.

And again, how much did you make a month as a child? 50 bucks? Well, this kid makes one million dollars a year!

I’m not telling you about this to make you feel bad but instead to motivate you. Because as you can see sometimes even the simplest ideas are million dollar ideas. Maybe you have a talent that you are not using right. Maybe you could be a great freelance writer, or a designer, or a personal trainer. Just think about it.

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