Video: 9 Ways To Not Let Sitting Kill You

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If orange is the new black then sitting is the new smoking. It increases the risk of a range of illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. And what’s more you can’t make up for sitting for six hours a day by simply exercising for 30 minutes at the end of that day.

Ok, so now that you are properly scared, here is a video that describes 9 ways you can counteract the negative effects of sitting.

1. Take a break and stand up for 3-5 minutes every hour. Just walk around or stand at your desk. If you keep forgetting about this, set an alarm clock or get one of the apps that remind you to stand up.

2. Another great natural reminder to get up is having to go to the toilet. So drink plenty of water. It will also count towards your 2 litres a day, which has a number of other health benefits.

3. Actually work standing up. Use a standing desk for that. Especially if you regularly work from home. It will cost you less than a $100 to install a simple standing desk.

4. If you work in a big office don’t email or text your colleagues, just stand up and walk over to them for a chat. It’s also a great way to build better relationships with the people you work with.

5. Stop misusing your office chairs by rolling to everything. Stand up to get the things you need. This rule also applies to asking your colleagues pass you something or get you something from downstairs.

6. Maybe try a stability ball instead of a chair to improve your posture and activate muscles. But if you are not feeling that adventurous, at least try to get a good, comfortable chair for your office.

7. Park further away from the entrance. Stop competing for the space near the front door, instead add a few more minutes of walking to your life by parking at the back of the parking lot. This will do you even more good when you forget something in your car and will have to walk back to get it.Pin

8. Walk around during phone calls. Some people do this involuntarily but if you’re not one of them you will just have to make it your habit.

9. Get a pedometer. It will show you how many steps you’ve walked today and will keep you motivated. Remember that even though an average person walks only 3 000 steps a day, you actually need 10, 000 to really improve your health and physical fitness.

Good luck with all of these!

Please share this video if you found it helpful and leave us some of your own tips for remembering to stand up in the comments section below. Thank you!

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