Video: This Young Couple’s Reaction To Aging Will Restore Your Faith In Love

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It’s easy to love and admire your partner when they’re young and beautiful—but will those feelings really stand the test of time? If you’re still in the prime of life, you might be entertaining worries that your partner won’t find you quite so beautiful when you’re older.

With these types of thoughts in mind, Cut Video and Field Day decided to give an engaged young couple a chance to see what they might look like in their twilight years. This latest project is part of a longer standing series called “100 Years of Beauty” (which explores how ideas about attractiveness have shifted over the years).

In this video, a team of highly talented makeup artists turn these gorgeous, polished 20-somethings into a couple in their 50s, 70s and (finally) 90s. While the couple starts out feeling amused and slightly nervous, the mood soon turns somber as they respond to their new faces in surprisingly emotional ways.Pin It

The experiment is made all the more touching by the fact that the participants are just about to begin a new stage of their relationship, committing to a lifetime of companionship and devotion.

What you’ll see these two people express will restore your faith in the idea that true love persists over time, and stays strong in spite of aging. If you love your partner, there’s every chance you’ll find them beautiful even when their hair is grey and their face is wrinkled.

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