Video: The Secret Science Of Flirting

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Whether you’re great at flirting or tend to crash and burn when you try it, you may well think of flirting as more of an art than a science. After all, it’s fueled by seemingly irrational attraction some of the time, it’s often spontaneous, and it can feel quite creative. However, this three-minute DNews video may surprise you—there is a science to flirting, and you can use it to up your chances of dating success.

Using survey data and study results, the video explains how men and women tend to differ in what they prefer from their flirting partners. As it turns out, it’s easy to assume that the other person will appreciate being flirted with in the way that you prefer someone to approach you, but the significant divide between male and female flirting styles means you need to adapt your style if you want to impress.

You’ll even seen enactments of the most effective moves, helping you to get a clear sense of exactly what you need to do to get that hot guy or girl’s number. As a bonus, there’s also a little bit of discussion of the body language signals that suggest the person you’re with isn’t receptive to your flirting and may be too polite to tell you to back off! At that point, you can adjust your style a little Pin Itto see if you get better results, but then you should hastily retreat so that you don’t cross the line into harassment.

So, give up a few minutes of your time today, and learn some smart tips and tricks that may just mean the difference between securing a date and being left feeling sheepish.

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