The One Thing To Know About Your Destiny

You’ve been told before that you are here on Earth, in this lifetime, for a reason. Comforting words for sure. And absolutely true.

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But perhaps you find it hard to believe because after all, it’s a matter of faith right? Sure, we’re all here for a reason but perhaps you just don’t know your role yet so you feel lost or insecure. What if I told you it’s NOT a matter of faith?

What if I told you that there is a real way to determine in large part your role in this lifetime? That it’s based on a reliable (and ancient!) system figured out thousands of years ago.

You see, things are removed from the world of “belief” and into “certain knowledge” when it’s no longer a matter of faith and now a matter of knowing. In a minute I’ll tell you how to quickly and easily discover the first things you need to know about YOUR personal role in the universe in this lifetime. But before I do, let’s get you some powerful background so that when do get started, you’ll be able to make the most use of that knowledge to transform your life, or simply get more clarity.

Ready? I sure hope so, because here we go!

Thousands of years ago, one of the most impressive civilizations mankind has ever produced created a special way to observe the universe and how things are created. This “Universal Process of Creation” was not just in the heavens above, but mirrored here on Earth in each one of us.

Depending on what “cosmic energies” were in play at the moment of your birth, certain things were locked into your DNA that determine what your destined role in this creation process would be. If you’re at all familiar with Western astrology and the Zodiac, there are some similarities – the influence of the heavens above dictate aspects of who you are. But more importantly with THIS system is that it also explains more your personal role, your destiny.

Who was this ancient civilization? The Maya.

The Maya civilization and their calendar, after having matured for thousands of years, were brutally suppressed and almost wiped out by the colonization of the Spanish. Only pieces remain that are still being re-discovered and translated for the modern age.

But there are some exciting things we already know.

One is that unlike the Western Zodiac that divides us all into 12 signs, the calendar of the Maya has 260 unique signs. Far more specific and powerful for us as individuals. If you divide up the entire human race, it means that less than 4/10ths of a percent of every human ever living has ever shared your exact sign!

That’s how powerful and unusual you are.

The calendar also shows how each of these 260 roles play an equal part in the process of creation. You caught that I said equal right? Draw a circle and divide it up into 4 equal slices. That circle represents the entire human race and the role they are here to play.

Simply knowing which of those 4 quarters of the circle YOU are in would be more powerful self-knowledge than some people will ever know in this lifetime.
Now divide each quarter of the circle that you just created into 5 equal slices. (You’d now have twenty specific and equal slices total).

Knowing which of those 5 parts of your quarter you are in specifically would shed even MORE insight into specifically who you are and what you’re here to do. Now divide that one little slice into 13 more slices.

You now have a total of 260 slices.
4 * 5 * 13 = 260

One of those very, very specific and empowered slices is you. It’s no bigger, nor any smaller than anyone else. It’s of equal importance. You absolutely DO have a specific role to play. A destiny.

It’s up to you to structure your life around the gifts and powers you were born with, and perhaps some people have been better at that so far in their life, or they simply got lucky. Either way, you now can be armed with this knowledge for yourself so you know what you should focus on. What you were born to do, and that it is different but equal to roles that everyone else plays.

Oh, and that circle? It’s not just a way to divide up the human race. It’s actually a description of the Universal Process of Creation.

The-One-Thing-To-Know-About-Your-Destiny-pinIt will start at one point at the circle and go around through all 260 slices until the cycle completes – resulting in something going from pure concept (an idea) all the way through to real manifestation (creation).

Yes, it’s a circle so creation (manifestation) is always happening unending. There isn’t really ever an end to a circle right? That part you probably already knew. Creation is constantly going around us all the time.

The powerful part for YOU is that by understanding more about this cycle, even the very basics, will give you critical insights to what YOU are here for. What role YOU play in the never ending cycle of creation.

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