Success Isn’t Always What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Success is defined as “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like” as per the Dictionary. But is that all there is to it?

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Growing up, wealth was always the benchmark for success in my family. Truly nothing else mattered.

Even education was merely a stepping stone to becoming wealthy, and if you never achieved wealth, you were never truly a success.

What a way to sell someone short! And so sad, because as it turns out, I’ve found success is so much more than money.

Don’t get me wrong. Money’s great, and if it isn’t already obvious, everyone needs money to live.

But when it’s your only driver in life, something’s desperately missing, and can never be fulfilled solely by the pursuit of money.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and therefore multi-faceted too, meaning there are many layers to who we are as people.

Throughout life, we’re presented with challenges that help us evolve as individuals that affect humanity as a whole as well as each of us on a personal level.

Not everyone is equipped with enough awareness to catch the signs and signals we’re sent that are meant to help us do just that.

In which case, it’s easy to get stuck in a one-dimensional lifestyle that’s rooted in material gain only.

The problem is, after a while, there is little to no satisfaction in it (think Scrooge) and it leads to an abundance of excesses in other meaningless ways such as excess shopping, excess eating, excess drinking, even drugs. All in pursuit of the same thing that eludes so many people.


When people are disconnected from their true source of inner knowing, or instinct, all hell breaks loose as the saying goes.

In other words, life is much more complicated. There are way too many distractions and temptations in life for someone not to it seems, and yet it’s not impossible.

Toxins, GMOs, sugar, gluten, even meds don’t help either. There are a myriad of toxic substances in food, the air, water, soil, and just about everything else that make discernment incredibly difficult for the average every day person.

Yet it’s incredibly imperative that – especially nowadays – your level of awareness is at a premium.

We are living in different times than ever before and having the ability to keenly decipher fact from fiction is your only guide to truth in its purest form.

Things are not always as they seem, and facts and figures aren’t necessarily your best bet.

Unadulterated truth can only be obtained from none other than good old fashioned gut instinct. Unfortunately though, it’s a God-given gift all too many people blatantly ignore because they’re too busy pursuing false gods, i.e. money.

Which is how success is often solely defined sadly. With lack of a better understanding, success-pinit makes sense, however there is clearly so much more to success than just the numbers in your bank account.

Anyone can become wealthy. It doesn’t require an inordinate amount of skill to acquire a lot of cash.

To achieve success by acquiring happiness without relying on toxic substances that only further send you into a downward spiral of despair requires a skillset that is mostly unsubstantiated in modern day yet is the only true path to success in life and therefore can only bring the greatest amount of satisfaction, reward, inner peace, and love.

When you’ve got that, you’ve got success, by every meaning of the word itself.

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