How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How often do you do that?
Have you ever monitored it daily or weekly – or is it just in particular instances?

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Have you ever looked at the reasons why you compare yourself to others? Maybe it’s:

  • Envy
  • Not wanting to deal with your own life – so other peoples must be easier
  • Needing answers as to why your life isn’t succeeding as others

This kind of thought is a spiraling one and it probably won’t get you anywhere good or positive.

But doesn’t it feel good while you are living in that story? It allows you to justify why your life isn’t falling into place.

Once you get yourself on this rollercoaster you will always find an endless number of people that you can compare yourself to, as there will always be someone who has done or is doing something you wish you had or could do.

So get yourself out of this loop by these ten simple steps to stop comparing yourself to others:

1. Focus On You

Nurture your own self and what you want to create. Our garden won’t become a paradise when all you do is focus on your neighbor’s garden. Stop wasting time comparing your path to someone else’s and spend it investing, creating, and caring for your own.

2. Accept Where Your Life Is At This Moment

When we struggle to acknowledge the way life is at the moment, we bring on a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

You cannot change something that does not exist or is in the past or has yet to happen.

Come to peace with it. Say yes to every part of your life, and from that place, make decisions that will move you forward in a positive way

3. Love The Road You Have Traveled

Your life may not have turned out the way you expected. You may be looking back thinking I was meant to have accomplished this by now and reaped all these materialistic rewards or you may have regrets of things you wish you could have done differently; But don’t discount all those experiences as they have helped you to become a better, wiser, and more courageous person.

So, embrace your story and how much you have grown from it. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and for wanting to create a better life for yourself.

4. Quit Being Online

Social media has its benefits but it is also the worst mirror people use for their lives.

Seeing people who live exciting lives and are living the dream is only a snapshot of what they want to show us.

It’s not realistic because you don’t have a 360-degree idea of what their true life is like or about.

So, take control of your social media and don’t allow it to control you and your perception of other peoples lives.

5. You Have The Power

If you’re not happy with your life and where you are today, then remember that you have the power to change that, as tomorrow is a new day.

You don’t have to stay and do what you are not happy with, you have the power to change your life and create what you want. All you need is the courage to take the risk and trust that it will happen

6. Appreciate The Small Things

Look at all the positives that are around you on a daily basis and be grateful for the big and the small that the day brings.

Appreciating what you have will help you to realize just how much more you have than others – a warm home, bed, food on the table and the love of family and friends

7. Perfect Does Not Exist

Once you acknowledge that simple concept – you free yourself from the way you think you need to be, and how you need to be and what you need to be doing. After all, perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and that person is never the same

8. Be Your Own Best Friend

Don’t let the negative voice in your head be your mistress when it tells you that you are worthless and will never succeed in your dreams.

Instead, learn to control it and programme it to build your confidence up rather than down. Don’t say something nasty to yourself if you know you would never say it to a friend. You deserve your own respect.

9. Be A Leader And Not A Follower

Use the people you are inspiring to be, as inspiration for creating the life that you want.

Those people have worked thousands of hours and been on their own journey to get to where they are. And you too are walking your own journey, so be an inspiration for others who have yet to walk your path.

10. Change Your Language

When you are “shoulding” yourself, you are focusing on the all the things you don’t have and that leads to the endless spiral of negativity.

Change your language and instead of using “should” use “want” and see how your inner voice and emotions change to making things happen.

So take back what belongs to you and use your energy for believing, not doubting and for creating, not destroying.

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