Video: Steve Jobs Reveals The Truth About Dreams, Setbacks And Mortality

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Although Steve Jobs gave his commencement address at Stanford University ten years ago now, the power of his words has endured. A stirring call to find and do what you really love, this speech shares not only words of wisdom but also touching and meaningful moments from Jobs’ own life—moments that shaped and changed the path that made him a world- famous innovator.

For those familiar with the showmanship Jobs displays during some of his keynote addresses, this commencement address shows a softer side. It is claimed that he was deeply nervous before giving the speech, and that it mattered a great deal to him.

If you’re thinking about what career to choose or whether to pursue something new, this timeless presentation is sure to help. As Jobs points out, your work is going to fill an enormous part of your life, so it’s vital that you find a way to produce what you feel is great, satisfying work.

He encourages his audience not to settle, to keep looking, and to follow the heart until that moment of intuition that lets you know you’ve found the right path.

Pin ItPerhaps most importantly, what Jobs communicates is an encouraging tale of how people can triumph over adversity—professional, personal, medical and otherwise.

It’s easy to just think of him as one of the richest and most successful people of our time, but the process of reaching that peak of achievement was one of trial and error. Once you reflect on that, you’ll be more in tune with your own limitless possibility.

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