Video: Shocking Child Abduction Social Experiment

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Teaching your kid to not talk to strangers is one of the most important things every parent does, right? And if you have a kid you have probably talked to him about this many many times. So how sure are you that he or she will not talk to a stranger (or walk away with him for that matter) when it comes to that?

This is what Joey, the person behind this “Child Abduction” social experiment, was wondering too. And what he discovered is truly shocking.

Watch this extremely worrying video that proves how easy it is to make a kid follow a complete stranger. And all it took was a cute puppy and a promise to see more puppies.

Joey walks up to moms on the playground and asks them one simple question, would their kid talk to him or would he run straight back to them. All the moms answer with complete certainty that Pin Itthe child will come running straight to them. But the shocking reality is that the kids don’t. The kids get distracted by the white fluffy puppy and in just a matter of seconds they are going away holding the strangers hand. Isn’t it scary?

This is why the child safety issue is huge. According to different statistics around 700 children go missing every day. So please help spread the world about this by sharing the video. Stranger danger. Even a stranger with puppies.

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