On The Path To Serenity: How To Manifest Love Daily

We all want to feel love. We all want to know happiness. We know that we can live our lives in joy and peace. But we don’t always know how to start ourselves on the path that leads to serenity, contentment, and love. First we must learn how to manifest love daily.

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• Think: Start your morning with gratitude. Take a moment to meditate on the great blessings in your life. Visualize the faces of the people you love, and send those loving feelings out to them. If you fill your mind with truth, light, and love, there is no room left for darkness and doubt. Before you even open your eyes, choose to make this day bright and beautiful.

• Vocalize: Through speech, through song, tell yourself you love yourself. Tell others that you love them. Speak kindly throughout the day. Let love flow through your words no matter who or what they are directed toward. Tell yourself constantly that you are loved, you are worthy of love, and you have much love to give. Words have tremendous power, use that power to build up and attract those people you want in your life.

• Feel: Allow others to love you. Make eye contact and keep your mind receptive to the messages others are sending you. Remind yourself how much you love this person — even if they are a stranger, they are worthy of your love! If they exude negativity, it is because they are empty. Feed them with your loving energy. The more love you give, the more you have to give. Be sensitive to the energy of the people you encounter.

• Touch: Touch others! Touch can create a powerful flow of sympathetic energy between you. Touch is healing, loving, strengthening. Accept the touch and positive energy of others. Be mindful of the moments where touch can uplift beyond words and actions. Truly, sometimes all a person needs to release pain, anger, fear, or grief is a hug!

• Act: Every time you look in the mirror or catch your reflection in a window, SMILE! Every time you see another person, SMILE! Radiate love and joy in everything you do. When negative feelings or situations try to knock you down, breathe through them. Inhale sunshine, exhale joy. Remember: “No matter how loudly the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” TPin Ithe winds of negativity have no power over you unless you choose to let them. Look for opportunities to serve others around you. You will be amazed how simple acts of compassion can become a beacon of hope and love for others! The more you lose yourself in service, the more selfless you become.

• Become: It will not be easy. We are conditioned to think poorly of ourselves, to have negative feelings for others, to oppose, to fear, to avoid. Actively choose to change. Actively choose to use love, joy, and peace. Actively choose to understand that trials will come, but none stay. “This too shall pass, and I can help it on its way.” Give all the love you can give, it never fails and never ends. As you give of your love to the Universe, you will find it is a Universe full of love for you.

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