Mother Nature’s Natural Healers – The 10 Top Healing Gemstones

Using gems as a healing tool is not a new practice and, in fact, has been used for many centuries. It’s considered an alternative form of healing, which means you won’t find the use of healing gemstones in most mainstream doctors’ offices, clinics or hospitals.

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However, proponents of the practice outline the many ways in which gemstones can aid in healing and good health. However, using them is not to be taken lightly and you should undergo healing gemstone treatments only under the supervision of a practiced therapist who has studied the techniques. Of course, there is nothing wrong with learning more about which gemstones might help you. Here are the top 10 and their major benefits, courtesy of Phylameana Iila Desey, a holistic healing expert.

Use this information to decide which gemstone might be the one that helps you live the healthy and satisfying life that you want.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is used in healing matters of the heart. This includes a broken heart due to a failed relationship, a death or other instance that is devastating to a person. In addition, this gem can also be used with people who have heart conditions, such as a heart attack or heart failure. It’s also used to give people a sense of self-love. It should be noted here that rose quartz should never replace the care of a medical doctor in cases of heart disease. It may be beneficial when used in conjunction with traditional medicine, but should never replace it unless directed by a doctor.

Fluorite Crystals

This type of gemstone is most commonly used for protection. It comes in a variety of colors, but its main job is to guard you from negative energies by soaking them up and keeping them from you. For that reason, you have to cleanse your fluorite regularly. For people who feel they are surrounded by a lot of negativity, having fluorite on their person at all times can give them the relief and positive feelings they want and need.

Lapis Lazuli

Do you have a mystery or personal quandary that you’re having trouble getting to the bottom of? Lapis lazuli can help. It’s said to help clear the mental confusion that gets in your way so that you can see things in a new light and get to the root of the problem you’re having. Not only that, but lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue color that you can feel great about wearing with your favorite outfits.


This shiny black gemstone is magnetic, and that gives it special healing properties. Hematite is used to ground a person, and having it on your body during situations in which you expect to struggle can help you get through them. Desey says she carries a hematite stone in her pocket when she goes to job interviews, funerals or other similar instances. You can do the same, as hematite is easy to find in gem stores and comes in many sizes so you can find a piece that works for your needs.


If you live a stressful and hectic life or have frequent interactions with people who suck out your good energy, carrying jade with you can help. Jade is said to help calm you, but it can also help to teach you acceptance so that you can be less critical of those around you, even if they make your life hard. Jade has a lovely green color and is used often in small statues, jewelry and other items that you can blend into your lifestyle with ease.


This beautiful purple gemstone is one of the most spiritual ones around. If you want to reach your higher spiritual plane, using amethyst can really help you. It’s often used by people who want to gain a better understanding of religion and God.


Turquoise has long been used in the jewelry of Native Americans and other ancient civilizations. That’s because it is considered to be associated with the Higher Order. That’s why it’s used so often in jewelry and other items. Wearing turquoise can help you reach a meditative state and commune with the spiritual world. Some people say that turquoise can also help wearers have visions or dreams that connect them with those who have crossed over.


Desey says that wearing kyanite near your throat offers the most benefits. It’s said to open communication with your spirit guides and the angels. It can also be used to balance your chakras. If you work with other people or want to connect with a deceased loved one or other person that is guiding you through this life, kyanite is the gemstone you need to get your hands on.


The stunning black color of obsidian makes it obvious that it has healing properties. In fact, obsidian can help ground you and protect you at the same time. Using obsidian is said to bring clarity, so it can help you solve life problems and see things in a different way. Snowflake obsidian can be used to help you let go of negative things in your life.


If you have goals you’re having trouble reaching or you need the energy to reach those goals, citrine is the gemstone for you. The bright yellow color can give you energy and improve your mood, thereby helping you reach your goals. Citrine can also increase your personal power, giving you the tools you need to make and reach goals that will improve your life in a variety of ways.

Before getting started with healing gemstones, it’s important to fully understand the practice. While the use of healing gemstones has recently gained in popularity, that doesn’t make it the right choice for everyone. The practice is a form of alternative healing, and there is little to no medical research backing up the claims made by people who practice healing with gemstones. There is a lack of studies that prove that gemstones have specific properties, and there is no evidence that they can heal or treat a given disease or condition.

Pin ItThat doesn’t necessarily mean that the gemstones aren’t beneficial, but that you should not see them as a cure or single treatment for your conditions. Instead, alternative medicine, including the use of healing gemstones, can be used to boost the benefits of traditional medicine. There is certainly no harm in speaking to your doctor about how to integrate healing gemstones into your treatment plan.

If you decide to use healing crystals, you can undergo treatment and find out more about the various options you have at New Age clinics and spas across the world. Keep your mind open and allow yourself to learn more about healing gemstones and how they can help you. They can give you all sorts of health benefits, and there’s certainly no harm in using healing gemstones, so it’s worth giving them a try.

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