Meditative Manifestation For Them And For You

If you are versed in spiritual and mental manifestation, then you are most likely familiar with the act as bringing positive outcomes into your own life. The key to manifestation lies within yourself, and through your regular practice, you can manifest what you want without relying on external sources.

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But what would happen if you practiced manifestation for another person? How would this affect you and your own desires? While this may sound like an invasive measure, manifesting joy and strength for another individual will not cause them any harm, and is one of the most personally rewarding things you can do.

Who Needs Manifestation?

Think about the people in your life. Who could use some extra kindness? Chances are your family, friends and co-workers all struggle with the same emotional turbulence and triumph that you do. Who, among all the people you know, could benefit from your manifested energy?

How Do I Know What They Need?

Realistically, you don’t know what your chosen recipient really needs, unless he or she has communicated his or her wishes for change. Even if he or she has, you need to be in tune with what feels the most sensitive and vulnerable.

Start thinking on his or her behalf, and align yourself with his or her perspective. Maybe your manifestation will help him or her with a realistic material gain, or maybe it will aid an internal struggle. Don’t get too focused on choosing the “right” manifestation goal. Follow your instincts. The most important thing your recipient is getting is your love.

If you are not yet experienced with meditative manifestation, don’t worry! The following steps will guide you through a simple yet powerful manifestation experience, and you will soon come to feel that it is second nature.

How To Practice

1. Define Your Space.

Create a sacred space for yourself that will afford you some peace and quiet. Bedrooms are usually the best option, assuming they are reasonably free from clutter. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can even practice in your backyard if you have adequate privacy.

Manifestation is a solo practice, so make sure you feel comfortable in the area you choose. Adding candles, incense and blankets/pillows are good ways to personalize your space.

2. Meditative Breathing.

It may seem like a simple thing—breathe in, breathe out, repeat—but meditative breathing can actually refer to several different specific practices. To keep your manifestation process simple, just focus on deep breathing.

With your eyes closed, take a strong breath in, visualizing the air filling your abdomen rather than your throat or chest. Hold for several seconds, then release. Don’t abandon your exhale; send it out gently into the world, with as much stamina as you did with your inhale. Repeat 10 times, until you feel relaxed but not tired.

3. Energy.

Once you are in a calm, meditative state, begin to focus on the energy inside of and surrounding your body. Keep a gentle picture in your mind of a warm white light as it embraces the edges of your body.

Every time you inhale, welcome some of that light inside of you along with your breath. Keep this visual until you are brimming with white light, and feel the strength of love ready to pour out of you.

4. Recipient.

Continue your deep breathing, but focus your attention on the person for whom you have chosen to manifest. Picture this person in a neutral environment, free of stressors and distractions. Imagine that with every exhale, you are releasing your white light to this person, and they are breathing in your intention.

Visualize their body as it fills with the kindness and happiness you wish for them, as well as your specific manifestation.

5. Resurface.

There is no exact amount of time you need to spend on your meditative manifestation, but the longer you can maintain your sense of peace, the more powerful your intentions will become.

Pin ItTake a moment to return your focus to yourself, releasing the white light back into the universe. You may feel cleansed and rejuvenated by your experience. Gently open your eyes and ease yourself back into your day.

Try to keep a steady schedule when it comes to your practice. If you can, practice your manifestation the same time every day. As you progress, take note of how this manifestation is changing you. How has this generous gift to your loved one benefited you? Are you moving through the world with a calmer mind or a kinder heart? Maybe you are noticing manifestations in your own life that seem to be coming from somewhere else; maybe someone in your life is manifesting on your behalf!

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