Manifestation And Reiki And How It Can Help You

It is easy to attribute the good fortune of some people to the fact that they are lucky. Some people just seem to naturally be more “lucky” than others, but is this really the case? While it might seem that some people are able to get everything they desire, while the opposite is true for others, the difference isn’t due to luck. Instead, there is a much more powerful force at work and it is called manifestation.

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Anyone who watched the movie, “The Secret” might have a vague idea about the power of manifestation, but many people are still unaware of this powerful force.

Manifestation is created by our minds, making it simple to access at all times. What is more, it can even be enhanced through the use of Reiki.

Focus On A Clear Goal

It is important to keep in mind that manifestation is not the same as half-heartedly wishing for something. Even worse, some people tend to only focus on whatever problem they are facing instead of on the goal, which can make things worse.

We all know how it feels to desire something, but all too often self-doubt will make it impossible to reach our goals. However, by embracing the power of manifestation it is possible to become one of those people that everyone else perceives as “lucky.”

The first step towards making effective use of manifestation is to ensure that you have a clear goal in mind. The key to accomplishing this is to discipline your mind, which can be done through reiki. The result is being able to make your mental goals a reality through the power of manifestation.

The process of manifestation already begins the moment when you have an idea, but these ideas only exist in what is called the Casual Plane. This plane serves as the catalyst for eventually manifesting your goal.

The more you think about your idea, the more it will begin to be a thought form, manifesting it in the Mental Plane. To give this idea more form you must flesh it out as much as possible. Whether it is through drawings or plans, the more detail you use, the better it will work.

Ideas that are formed in the Mental Plane require plenty of positive energy. This is why people who wish for something, but deep down believe that they won’t get it or don’t deserve it struggle to manifest their goals.

Instead, imagine that your goal is already achieved. Reiki makes it possible to lavish your idea with plenty of positive energy and allow it to manifest in the Emotional Plane, or Astral Plan, as it is also known.

Don’t Worry About The Small Stuff

From idea to thought form and astral form, this is the path of manifestation, and it is available to anyone with a positive attitude and clear goals. Remember, the Universe will provide you with the chain of events leading up to your goal manifesting.

There is no need for you to try to figure it out. For example, if you desire a motorbike, focus on the details surrounding the vehicle, such as the model, color, and year instead of what has to be done for it to end up in your garage.

You could see yourself going to a rally on your brand new bike or picture yourself polishing it in your garage after going for a ride. Trying to imagine how you will get the bike will only impose limitations on the Universe and that is the last thing you want.

By focusing on clarifying your goal and then giving it positive energy, such as reiki energy, you allow the Universe to come up with creative ways to manifest your goal.

Don’t Waver In Your Focus

Pin ItBear in mind that you must always focus on your goal and not any problems that you are trying to “solve” with it. Wavering from your goal and attaching emotional emphasis to the problem will send the wrong message to the Universe and cause an undesirable outcome.

For example, if you dwell on the fact that you don’t have a vehicle instead of focusing on the details of the one you will manifest, your goal will remain out of reach. Once you are able to focus your positive energy on your goal you will find it easier to make use of manifestation.

After using positive energy and reiki to focus on your goal, you must also learn to let go. This can be tricky but is a necessary part of the process. The Universe will only be able to work with your goal after you are able to let go of it. In addition, always be grateful after the manifestation of your goal.

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