The Main Reason Why You Are So Stressed Out

Do you remember the time when you were in a very stressful situation?

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You had a lot of things on your mind, you were worried about the little things and it felt like you were going to be stuck in that moment forever. It’s no surprise, we all have experienced this. We’re all human. Unexpected things always happen.

Whether you felt this way in your personal life or career, go back and really think it through. There was really no point in worrying, right? You’re still alive now and things are going great. You’re probably just laughing about it now.

So what was the problem? Why were you so stressed out? Was it from all the over-thinking? Was it because you were worrying way too much? Or was it because you were just simply crazy?

No, no, and absolutely no.

You missed the part of practicing mindfulness.

Being Mindful: The Best Stress Reliever – Ever!

Let’s talk about stress at work first. To be honest, my stress comes from thinking about other tasks when in fact I should just be focusing on the current task I am doing.

It’s the same with our personal lives. We should just be enjoying each day or moment as it comes not thinking about the past or the future.

That’s what being mindful is all about – being in the present moment, being all there not thinking about anything else.

How Does It Feel To Practice Mindfulness?

Honestly, when I first read about mindfulness, I was like “Oh great, I have to do yoga or do nothing for like 10 minutes every day just so I can be okay spiritually.”

The second time I read about mindfulness was when I was researching how I can be more productive at work. You have to forgive me, I’m forgetful and can’t remember where I read this article.

Anyway, it said you’ll be more productive when you practice mindfulness because all of your attention and energy will be directed to the tasks you’re currently doing. It made sense, right?

After reading this article, I did do it and let me tell you, I was productive. Well, I knew I was because I finished all my daily tasks earlier than usual.

If you do want to try or be mindful more at work, I highly suggest that you do these things:

  1. Don’t bring your phone with you at work (or turn it off)
  2. Schedule the time you’ll do your tasks and take your breaks.
  3. Try to focus until you get in the zone.

If you also want to practice being mindful at home or you want it to be part of your system, I suggest that you do these 14 things:



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